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Bandra Court Orders Police to Register FIR Against Kangana Ranaut and Her Sister Rangoli Chandel for Allegedly Instigating Communal Tensions | Hindi Movie News


The Bandra Trial Court ordered the Mumbai police to register an FIR against Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut and her managing sister, Rangoli Chandel, for instigating community tension through their tweets and interviews. Sources also confirm that the police will now carry out investigations for the same.

Recently Kangana Ranaut took to Twitter to react to the news of a man beheaded in Paris supposedly in the name of religion and wrote: “The lives of Hindus do not matter, the west to this date makes films about the genocide of 5-6 million of Jews, so it is not repeated, through slavery of hundreds of years, do we know how many Hindus were killed? 100 times more than Jews in WWII, but there are no movies about the Hindu genocide #parisbeheading ” .

He further added, “To be very disconcerted, a religion so intolerant of criticism and absolutely masculine scrutiny does not worship women, animals, plants or the environment; however, in present times it is the fastest growing religion and is also defended by intellectuals. ? ”

“A teacher is beheaded by a cartoon, we can only imagine what those invaders must have done to our people during the invasion, in today’s digital age with education and exposure they act like demons, what should they have done to Bharat when they were nomads? ”

“If Hindus had shown the so-called peaceful intolerance to religion, all of Bollywood would have been beheaded a long time ago, they make disparaging films for our religion and then claim they are afraid of the color saffron, look at the propaganda and it is absurd and silly logic “.

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