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190 children from marginalized families in Telangana clarify NEET | India News


HYDERABAD: Up to 190 students from underserved families who received free training in societies from tribal and social welfare educational institutions have scored on the UG exam of the National Eligibility Test cum Entry (NEET). Most of her parents are roadside tea vendors, mechanics, maids, and farm workers, or they have other menial jobs, and they struggle every day to make ends meet.
Of the 190, 142 students from social welfare institutes and 48 residential tribal welfare students received free training. While 74 students from Tribal and Social Welfare Institutes gained admission to MBBS and BDS courses in 2019, 40 students gained admission in 2018.
“My parents fight every day to earn a living as workers. This didn’t stop me from aiming big. Since school, my dream has been to be a doctor, ”said D Girija, who is from a tribal village in the Wanaparthy district.
Girija, who secured the entire India 85 ranking in the ST category, will likely make it to AIIMS. “I am the first in my village to eliminate NEET. I want to become a cardiac surgeon and make a difference in the lives of poor people, ”she added.
“I would not have been able to afford the NEET tuition given my vulnerable family background and my dream would have been shattered had it not been for the society’s free training,” G Abhilash, ranked 168th across India in the category SC.
To make matters worse, Abhilash tested positive for Covid-19 a few days before the test. “I had to isolate myself for 14 days, but I did not let the coronavirus depress my spirits. With my willpower and a determined approach, I managed to secure a good rank, ”he added.
RS Praveen Kumar, Secretary for Tribal Societies and Welfare, said: “The success of these students from families affected by poverty means a lot to their families to overcome generations of deprivation and underdevelopment.”

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