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The Pakistani government continues to publicly recognize terrorism as a policy: Jaishankar | India News


NEW DELHI: The Pakistani government continues to publicly recognize terrorism as a policy that makes it difficult for India to maintain normal relations with them, Foreign Minister S Jaishankar said on Friday.
“In terms of your… question, how are we doing with Pakistan? Well, I’m afraid we are still in trouble, if not perennial, at least long-lasting, which is Pakistan’s terrorism continues, “Jaishankar said while speaking at an online event organized by the Asia Society.
“Pakistan’s terrorism continues and continues to be publicly recognized by their government as a policy that they are justifying. It makes it very difficult to maintain normal relations with them. They do not do normal trade with India, we do not have a normal visa relationship.” .
The foreign minister said that Pakistan has blocked connectivity between India and Afghanistan and from Afghanistan to India.
“Normal neighbors grant visas and trade. They give you connectivity and, most importantly, they don’t practice terrorism. And I think that until we address that problem, this challenge of how to have a normal relationship with this unique neighbor is very worrying. An issue for our foreign policy, ”he said.
Ties between India and Pakistan plummeted after a 2016 terror attack at Pathankot Air Force Base by terrorist groups based in the neighboring country. Subsequent attacks, including one on the Indian army camp in Uri, further deteriorated the relationship.

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