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The new timetable for passenger trains can eliminate 600 postal and express trains, eliminate 10,200 stops | India News


NEW DELHI: The “zero-based” schedule for all passenger trains, which is likely to see a lot of new developments, including the abandonment of nearly 600 mail / express trains and the elimination of some 10,200 stops, including overnight stops, will be notified on the next couple of months.
Under the plan, around 360 passenger trains would be upgraded as mail / express trains and 120 mail / express trains would be upgraded to the super fast train category. The sources said the railway ministry is finalizing the plan and will be notified soon.
The director general and chairman of the railway board, VK Yadav, told reporters on Thursday that the new system will start when the national carrier resumes normal operation of the trains. “I cannot give a specific timeline at this time due to the ongoing Covid situation. It will depend on when we resume normal services, “he added.
TOI on July 5 had reported for the first time how the new system would lead to a reduction in the number of passenger trains and stops. This change will also mean that the schedule and frequency of all passenger trains with previous schedules will be rewritten. Yadav had told TOI on July 15 that the plan that was being prepared with the help of IIT, Mumbai also aimed to introduce the concept of “dedicated corridor” or exclusive time slots for operating freight trains and also for maintenance.
The new initiative is likely to help improve the financial health of the railways, as there will be a significant cut in spending. The railways have suffered heavy losses due to the passenger segment and the national carrier has been frantically trying to improve its revenue.
The sources said the railways would also eliminate the practice of shuttle express train service, which is also known as slip wagons or sectional wagons. These carriages are separated from the train at a station on the way to their destination and then reconnected to another train to carry passengers to their destination. The railways plan to operate separate trains rather than continue shuttle service.
Another highlight of the zero-based schedule would be a change in the departure and arrival times of trains. Authorities said the focus will be to avoid odd hours, such as late at night, which cause great inconvenience to passengers and visitors.

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