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Coronavirus: blood group 0+ least vulnerable to COVID-19; A, AB is more likely to get sick. We explain WHY


Interestingly, blood groups A and AB were also associated with complications after hospitalization, such as myocarditis, lung injury, and kidney damage. It was noted that people with blood types A or AB were more likely to require mechanical ventilation and oxygen support after COVID infection. The researchers also observed that people with blood types A and AB did not have longer hospital stays. However, they stayed in the intensive care unit (ICU) for longer on average.

Another study, conducted in Spain, compared the results of 1,900 seriously ill COVID + patients with 2,000 healthy non-ill patients. There again, it was observed that of all blood group types, blood type O (positive or negative) was the most ‘protected’ of all. Similar infection rates were seen for other signs as well. For those who were inflicted by the virus, type A was 38 percent, type B was 26 percent, type AB was 10 percent, and type O was 25 percent.

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