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CBI interrogates relatives of 4 defendants from Hathras | India News


After questioning the family of the Hathras victim for two days, the 15-member CBI team investigating the case questioned the families of the four accused on Thursday. After a four-hour session, the team left with papers and evidence from their homes. Narendra Singh, claimed that Sandeep, her son and one of the defendants, was innocent. “I was with him when it is said that the girl was raped,” he said.
“It was from a local that we learned that the girl was injured,” Narendra Singh said. “I’m ready for a drug test. We have nothing to hide. “He added that there had been a dispute between the two families.” We went to jail in 2001 for a complaint from the girl’s grandfather. ”
The CBI team left their home with Sandeep’s phone and a report card.
The team had arrived in town at 11 am, after a visit to the Chandpa police station where the first FIR of the case had been filed. The families of three of the accused – Sandeep, Ravi and Ramu – live in houses on the same premises. Lavkush’s house is a little further on.
Ravi’s father, Attar Singh, declined to comment on the CBI questioning. “They have taken some papers that belong to Ravi,” he said.
The sources said that the CBI is likely to request permission to question the four defendants who have been incarcerated in the Aligarh District Jail. Sandeep was arrested on September 20, Lavkush on September 23, Ravi on September 25, and Ramu on September 26.
Sandeep hasn’t spoken to his family since he was incarcerated, nor have Ramu and Lavkush. Only Ravi has spoken to his family twice, confirmed Alok Singh, the superintendent of Aligarh prison.
Aligarh District Jail Jailer Pramod Kumar Singh said that Covid-19 restrictions have meant that families cannot meet with inmates, but can speak on the phone twice a week.

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