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RCB vs KXIP Live Score: KL Rahul, Mayank Agarwal have a solid start against Royal Challengers Bangalore | Cricket news

Mohammad Siraj enters the attack
End of OVER 6:10 Udana races. KXIP 56/0, needs 116 runs on 84 balls.
Stand of 50 races arises between KL and Mayank
OVER 5.5: SIX! Agarwal crushes Udana between the middle and long porthole.
Isuru Udana enters the attack
OVERS 4.6: FOUR! Magnificent one from Agarwal. Hit this straight to the ground. Agarwal is animated. KXIP 46/0
OVERS 4.1: SIX! KL welcomes Saini with beauty. He chooses the length and dispatches the ball over the deep center fence. It comes from a straight bat. Excellent material from KL.
Saini begins his second again.
OVER 3.6: FOUR! Agarwal is on fire. Hit Chahal for consecutive limits. 15 Chahal races. KXIP 33/0
OVER 3.3: SIX! Agarwal elevates this for a long time to a huge one. Chahal is not happy about this.
Yuzvendra Chahal enters the attack.
End of OVER 3: 13 Morris races. KXIP 18/0
OVER 2.5: SIX! What a great shot from KL. Morris short. KL seems to be looking forward to this. Pull this over a deep square leg fence.
ENVELOPE 2.1: Mayank throws the ball into the deep square leg. You will get a pair.
Morris begins his second again.
End of OVER 2: 4 runs out of Saini’s over. KXIP 5/0, you need 167 runs to win.
OVERS 1.2: FOUR! By Saini’s leg. Rahul uses the rhythm and guides the ball towards the thin leg to mark a limit.
Navdeep Saini enters the attack
End of OVER 1: Brilliant start for Morris. I just ran away from him. KXIP 1/0
Gayle is sitting with the pads on. It will come at No. 3
KL Rahul and Mayank Agarwal are in the middle. Chris Morris will open the attack for RCB. Here we go!!!
Welcome back! KXIP needs 172 to win.
Royal Challengers Bangalore post 171/6 against Kings XI Punjab
OVER 20: SIX! What a way to end the end. Morris goes for another and this time for deep square leg. Three sixes and one four from Morris in Shami’s over. 24 Shami races.
OVER 19.5: SIX! Morris chooses the length and shoots the ball away.
OVERS 19.3: SIX! Woohoo! What a shot from Udana. Shami gorilla. Udana pulls this with great power over the deep center fence.
OVERS 19.1: FOUR! Morris plays this brilliant towards the thin leg.
Shami to launch the last one.
OVER Final 19:10 Jordan races. RCB 147/6
OVER 18.4: SIX! Morris hangs back and hits the ball over the spot for a six. Much needed executions for RCB right now. RCB 146/6
Jordan begins his third new one.
End of OVER 18: 4 races and 2 large windows from Shami. RCB 137/6
MORE THAN 17.5: WICKET! What a change from Shami. ABD and now Kohli. Wow. Shami rejoices in celebration. Short of Shami. Kohli tries to shoot but the ball kisses his gloves and goes high. KL runs, dives and makes a brilliant catch. Shami has a big smile on her face. “SHAMI WILL REMEMBER THIS FOREVER” – SUNIL GAVASKAR from the comment box . RCB 136/6
Chris Morris hits the fold
OVERS 17.3: WICKET! Shami gets the big shot. AB de Villiers leaves for 2. Big gate for KXIP. ABD tries to pass midway but does not connect. Deepak Hooda easily catches. RCB 135/5
Mohammed Shami begins his third new one.
End of OVER 17: 6 Ashwin races. That is also the end of his quota of four overs. 4-0-23-2
Murugan Ashwin begins his fourth and final lap.
ABD and Virat are in the middle. Are you ready for the fireworks?
AB de Villiers reaches the fold.
OVER 16: WICKET! Chris Jordan gets her man. Dube has been trying to step out of line but he couldn’t. Jordan finally got rid of him for 23. First wicket for Jordan at IPL 2020. Dube tries to go over, gets a top edge and KL Rahul runs and takes a well judged catch. RCB 127/4
Jordan starts his second again.
End of MORE THAN 15: Expensive for Bishnoi. The young man concedes 19 races in his plus. RCB 122/3
OVERS 14.2: SIX! Another from Dube. It is on fire. Kohli loves it. This time, Dube goes through the half-deep gate. RCB 118/3
OVERS 14.1: SIX! That is out of sight. Dube chooses the length and dispatches the ball along the region. Powerful shot from Dube. It is 91 meters long.
Bishnoi begins his third new one.
End of OVER 14: Another brilliant ending for KXIP. Punjab bowlers keep RCB batsmen at bay. 6 Jordan runs. RCB 103/3
Chris Jordan enters the attack
End of MORE THAN 13: What a change from the young Bishnoi. Roulette awards only 3 races. RCB 97/3
Bishnoi begins his second again.
End of MORE THAN 12: Maxwell completes his quota of four overs. 4-0-28-0
Shivam Dube hits the fold
OVERS 10.3: WICKET! Another googly and another wicket for Ashwin. Washington Sundar tries to go over but gains a superior advantage. Chris Jordon makes a well-timed catch. Second wicket for Ashwin. RCB 88/3
Murugan Ashwin begins his third new one.
10 overs are gone! 8 Maxwell races. RCB 83/2
OVERS 9.3: FOUR! By Maxwell’s leg. Washington plays a wonderful sweeping shot for a limit.
Maxwell begins his third new one.
End of OVER 9: Another nice change for KXIP. 6 Ashwin races. RCB 75/2
Windows taken in Powerplay for KXIP in IPL 2020:
First four games: 9 wickets
Last four games: 3 fields
Ashwin starts his second again.
End of OVER 8: Only 6 Maxwell’s over races. RCB 69/2
Maxwell begins his second again.
End of OVER 7: 6 Ashwin races. RCB 63/2
OVERS 6.3: BOWLING! Ashwin punishes Finch for 20. What a roulette delivery. Finch is absolutely crazy. RCB 63/2
Murugan Ashwin enters the attack
End of OVER 6: 8 Bishnoi races. RCB 57/1
OVER 5.4: FOUR! Kohli sends Bishnoi into the square leg back to mark a boundary. RCB 55/1
Ravi Bishnoi enters the attack
End of MORE THAN 5: 11 Arshdeep races. RCB 49/1
OVER 4.5: FOUR! Kohli hits Arshdeep for consecutive limits. Elegant hits from the RCB pattern.
OVERS 4.1: WICKET! Arshdeep attacks, eliminates the dangerous Devdutt Padikkal for 18 runs. Good length from Arshdeep. Padikkal puts his front foot forward and tries to hit but does not judge delivery. Pooran takes an easy catch in short coverage.
Arshdeep begins his second again.
End of OVER 4:11 is Shami’s over. RCB 38/1
OVER 3.5: SIX! Padikkal and his groundstroke. Brilliant of him. Deliver the ball over the deep area of ​​the square leg.
Shami starts her second again.
End of OVER 3: 9 Arshdeep races. RCB 27/0
OVER 2.5: FOUR! Padikkal uses the rhythm and throws the ball towards the thin leg to mark a limit.
ENVELOPE 2.1: Arshdeep to Finch. The Australian has an outside advantage. The ‘Boss of the Universe’ Gayle lunges to his right and stops the ball.
Change of pins for KXIP. Arshdeep Singh comes on the attack.
End of OVER 2: RCB 18/0
OVERS 1.5: FOUR! Finch steps forward a bit and throws the ball over Shami’s head to mark a boundary. Great moment on your part.
GREATER THAN 1.2: Shami to Finch. FOUR. BYES. Races are coming up for RCB.
Mohammed Shami enters the attack
End of OVER 1: 8 Finch’s over runs out. RCB 8/0
OVER 0.6: SIX! What a shot Finch. Brilliant job sweep from Finch to behind the square.
Glenn Maxwell will open the attack for KXIP. Here we go!!!
Devdutt Padikkal and Aaron Finch are in the fold.
Royal Challengers Bangalore: Devdutt Padikkal, Aaron Finch, Virat Kohli (captain), AB de Villiers (week), Washington Sundar, Shivam Dube, Chris Morris, Isuru Udana, Navdeep Saini, Mohammed Siraj, Yuzvendra Chahal
Kings XI Punjab: Chris Gayle, KL Rahul (week / captain), Mayank Agarwal, Nicholas Pooran, Glenn Maxwell, Deepak Hooda, Chris Jordan, Murugan Ashwin, Mohammed Shami, Ravi Bishnoi, Arshdeep Singh

Virat Kohli (RCB):
We will hit first. It looks like a dry surface and it got considerably slower last night. We saw in the second entry that there was no dew and it was exciting. RCB means a lot, not many understand that emotion. 200 games for them is incredible, I would not have believed it in 2008. It is an honor, they have retained me and I have stayed. When the team wins, you look good as a captain. There have been many people who have raised their hands even after two losses. It’s only halfway through and we have to keep it up. The most important thing is to focus on your own abilities. Even on the largest piece of land in the world, people score 220 points. Nothing happens in cricket and we just want to keep going. We have not changed.
KL Rahul (KXIP):
We were also looking to hit first. I’m just looking to get a couple of windows and push them. We all feel we deserve more than two points. We played cricket well and lost a couple of close matches. We have come here looking to win this game and be the best team we can. Everyone knows that all games are essential victories for us from now on. It’s not a bad place to be, we have to bring our A game and do our best. Three changes: Mandeep, Prabsimran and Mujeeb are lost. Enter Gayle, Hooda, and Ashwin. We’ll see the batting order after how the first inning goes. Chris’s arrival gives us a lot of energy.
BREAKING: CHRIS GAYLE IS BACK FOR KXIP. This will be Gayle’s first match at IPL 2020.
TOSS: Royal Challengers Bangalore captain Virat Kohli wins the draw and opts to bat against Kings XI Punjab.
It’s TOSS time, folks.
Virat about to add another feather to his hat

The boss is back!


Hello and welcome to the live coverage of the IPL 2020 match 31 between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Kings XI Punjab.

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