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Coronavirus Vaccine: Three Major Side Effects Uncovered in COVID-19 Vaccine Trials


Eli Lilly’s unique cocktail of experimental antibodies, which works as a preventative dose, has also been surrounded by controversy since US President Donald Trump praised its efficacy rates after being administered the same drugs during treatment. . While the drug combination cocktail Regeneron is still in the phase II study, the company announced that the trials have been stopped, after a safety issue was discovered. Citing safety concerns, a statement from the company representative said:

“As a precaution, the independent data security monitoring board (DSMB) ACTIV-3 has recommended a break in enrollment,”

The preventive injection, which is one of a kind, uses monoclonal antibodies, made after retrieving information from a recovered COVID patient. While antibody therapies are considered a safer bet than experimental vaccines, as they directly boost immunity, Eli Lilly’s recent flaw discovery has only shown that no therapy can be fully relied upon in our fight against COVID. -19.

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