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Ragpicker spends 10 lakh rupees to erect his own statue | India News


SALEM: Call it a rag’s revenge. When a 60-year-old man who had spent his entire life unknown and helpless decided to agree, he gave life his answer in style: five feet tall and etched in stone.
A Nallathambi from the village of Atthanurpatty in the Salem district of Tamil Nadu, who makes a living collecting discarded bottles on the streets, spent his lifetime savings of 10 rupees to buy land to erect his own statue.
“When I was young, I wanted to make a name for myself. He wanted a statue of his own. I have fulfilled my dream now, ”said the man who left his family 20 years ago.
Nallathambi, a bricklayer who left his profession after it became too demanding years ago, left the village of Anaimedu in the Salem district and came to Atthanurpatty after a domestic dispute. His wife and children still live in his hometown.
With all the money he had saved from his days as a bricklayer, Nallathambi, who now earns between Rs 250-300 every day, bought two plots of land (1,200 square feet each) on the Vazhapadi-Belur village road. He approached a local sculptor and paid him Rs 1 lakh to prepare a life-size statue.
“He didn’t want to share his money with anyone, not even his family. She wanted to spend it entirely on fulfilling her dream. I helped him with that, ”said K Manickam, 55, an acquaintance of Nallathambi.
Nallathambi erected the statue on his own on his land on Sunday, with a concrete pedestal and canopy.
Although curious onlookers have already started flocking to the site, the man who had brought his dream to life is planning a grand formal unveiling of the statue soon.

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