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Top National Security and Political Leaders Likely to Discuss LAC Situation Today | India News


NEW DELHI: Against the backdrop of multiple shooting incidents on the Royal Line of Control in eastern Ladakh, top national security and political officials are likely to meet on Friday to discuss the way forward in the ongoing conflict with China on the border.
Top political and national security officials, including military leaders, will meet today to discuss the situation along the Chinese border from Ladakh to Arunachal Pradesh, government sources told ANI.
Participants would include senior ministers dealing with the situation alongside senior military leadership, they said.
The leadership is likely to discuss Chinese military activities in Doklam and other areas on Bhutanese soil along with Indian preparations to deal with the situation.
The meeting will also discuss the delay in the Corps Commander level talks that was agreed upon in the diplomatic talks between the two sides in Russia.
The commanders of the Chinese and Indian corps were supposed to restart their parliaments after a long interval. The first five rounds of talks yielded no significant results for disengagement at sticking points, as the Chinese continue to not only sit on finger 4, but have also strengthened their presence there.
The Chinese response to the strong Indian stance on Chinese aggression in eastern Ladakh is also likely to be debated by leaders.
The leaders had discussed the situation over the Chinese concentration in Bhutan recently, where the People’s Liberation Army has amassed troops and weapons for quite some time.
India and China have been involved in a territorial conflict since April-May when the Chinese military transgressed in multiple areas from the Galwan Valley to the Finger area along Lake Pangong.
India has also now adopted a tough military stance and has deployed around 45,000 troops along with elements from armored divisions.

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