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Rail will charge “user fee” at stations with heavy traffic, tickets may cost more | India News


NEW DELHI: Indian railways will soon begin charging a “symbolic user fee” to passengers taking trains from busy stations, resulting in a marginal increase in the total fare. The user fee, which will be charged for the remodeling of the railway stations and the modernization of the station infrastructure, will be included in the ticket as is done in the case of air travel.
“We are going to keep a very small amount for the user’s charge. We will issue a notification for the user charge for the stations, including where the existing ones are being remodeled and also those that are not being remodeled. When the refurbishment of the stations is completed, the user fee will go to the concessionaires and, until then, the railways will use the user fee charged to provide better facilities to passengers at all stations, ”said the CEO and President of the railway board, VK Yadav.
He added that the charge will be affordable and will not pinch passengers. Yadav said it was important as Indian Railways is focusing on providing world-class facilities.
Responding to a specific question about whether this fee will be charged at all railway stations, Yadav said that there are around 7,000 stations in the Indian railway network and the user fee will be charged at just 10-15% of the stations where the tread is anticipated. increase in the next five years. Following that calculation, the number of such potential stations would be between 700 and 1,000.
Previously, railway officials had told journalists at various press meetings that the user fee would be charged only at developed stations.
A ministry spokesperson said: “The value of the benefits will exceed the minimalist user fee when paid.” He added that this will be done in a phased manner and that including between 10% and 15% of stations under this scheme is the last possibility.
In a written response, Union Minister of Railways Piyush Goyal told Lok Sabha on Wednesday: “A group of secretaries (GoS) was formed for the redevelopment and modernization of the railway stations to provide greater security, amenities and services for passengers. The GoS interalia suggested the imposition of a nominal user fee for the redevelopment of stations, which is currently being considered. ”

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