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Clash in LAC: India Says China Should Work With It to Achieve Total Disengagement in Eastern Ladakh | India News


NEW DELHI: India said on Thursday that China should sincerely work with it for the complete withdrawal of troops as soon as possible from all friction areas, including Lake Pangong, and take measures to reduce the situation in eastern Ladakh.
Foreign Ministry spokesman Anurag Srivastava said India hopes that the Chinese side will strictly respect and observe the Royal Line of Control (LAC) and make no further attempts to “unilaterally” change the status quo.
At a press conference, the MEA spokesman also referred to the consensus reached in separate meetings between the defense ministers and the foreign ministers of the two countries in Moscow on September 4 and 10, respectively.
“There was consensus among the ministers of the two parties, during both meetings, that there should be a rapid and complete withdrawal of troops from all areas of friction throughout LAC,” Srivastava said.
Therefore, both parties should focus on easing tensions in the friction zones by refraining from any action that could lead to an escalation of the situation. This requires strict compliance with bilateral agreements and protocols and no unilateral attempts to change the status quo, “he said.

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