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Tatas Prepares to Get New Parliament Building Project with Lowest Bid of Rs 862 million | India News


NEW DELHI: Infrastructure company Tata Projects Ltd has emerged as the lowest bidder for the new Parliament House construction project, trading at Rs 861.9 crore, which is 8.4% less than the estimated cost. Larsen and Toubro Ltd listed the second lowest bid amount of Rs 865 crore.
The project will be awarded after scrutiny and following practice, the lowest bidder would be awarded the project. Sources said work could start in December or January at the latest and that the company must complete the project within 21 months of the day the Central Department of Public Works (CPWD) allows construction to begin. .
The awardee will be able to carry out the construction 24 hours a day in three shifts and, considering this provision, the deadline for completing the project has been reduced. The CPWD had estimated the cost of the project at Rs 899 crore.
Although the government was aiming to complete the new Parliament building by July 2022, the timeline has been delayed by at least six months due to Covid. “Since there will only be one basement, the project can be completed in almost 24 months, although there will be a lot of stone work to synchronize the new building with the existing Parliament,” said a source.
The project has undergone some changes, including the interiors, and the plan to have a high spur has been replaced by a large national emblem, which was suggested by the Ministry of Urban Affairs. Sources said that the roof of the new Parliament building will have fresco paintings like that of Rashtrapati Bhawan and the carpets will have traditional designs instead of the current single-color carpets.
To preserve some of the features of the existing Parliament, the interior walls of the new one will have shlokas inscribed on them. Sources said that the Dholpur stone will be used largely like that of the existing Parliament and in some interior parts, red granite may be used instead of the red sandstone. “This will be a building with the most modern facilities but showing our culture and tradition,” said an official.
This is the first construction project of the government’s mega remodeling plan for Central Vista. TOI on November 3 had first released the full design of the Central Vista redevelopment plan, which included a new Prime Minister’s residence and the Vice President’s House on two sides of the President’s House. According to the tender document, the construction work of the new Parliament will have no impact on the holding of sessions in the existing Parliament.
The sources said that preparation to obtain the necessary approvals for the other components of the overall project, including the construction of new office complexes along Rajpath, would begin after December.

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