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PM sets the tone, calls on House of Representatives to back Jawans on Chinese front India News


NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Monday that he believed Parliament and its members would send an unequivocal message that the country strongly supported the soldiers at a time when they were deployed in difficult terrain at the borders under adverse circumstances.
“This House, in particular this session, has a more crucial responsibility. Today, the brave soldiers of our Army are on the borders. They are defending the borders with great courage and good humor, on difficult terrain. And the rains are going to start in a few days, ”said the prime minister.
Speaking before the start of the 18-day monsoon session, Modi said that just like the faith with which the soldiers were determined to protect the homeland, Parliament and all members of the House would also send a message with one voice. unanimous, spirit and resolution – that the country supports the Army. “Sadan ek swar se, ek bhavana se, ek sankalp se yeh sandesh dega ki sena ke jawano ke saath pura desh khada dai,” said the First Minkister.
His comments referred to the deployment in eastern Ladakh, where the Army is involved in a tense standoff with Chinese troops.
“The whole House is with the brave soldiers of the country. I believe that this House and all the honorable members will also send a very strong message, ”Modi said. His comments come at a time when most opposition parties have been demanding a debate on border tension.
Sources said Defense Minister Rajnath Singh will make a suo motu statement on the matter at the Lok Sabha on Tuesday.
The prime minister said the session was taking place under special circumstances. “There is a corona pandemic on the one hand, while our obligation to fulfill our duties on the other; and all the deputies have chosen the path of duty. I congratulate and thank all the parliamentarians for this initiative ”, he added.
He said that the budget session had to conclude ahead of schedule, but that this time, Parliament would function twice a day, with Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha sitting one at a time. “The shift schedules also had to be changed. The weekend breaks from Saturday to Sunday have also been canceled this time. But all members have accepted it, welcomed it and decided to continue on the path of duty, “he added.
Urging lawmakers to participate in the discussions, Modi said that several important decisions will be made in this session. “Our experience tells us that the more we discuss in LS, the more diverse the discussion in the Chamber, the more beneficial it is for the country and for solving the problems in question. Let’s add value to this great tradition, ”said the prime minister.
Reiterating the importance of being careful until a Covid-19 vaccine is ready, the prime minister said: “We have to follow the rules and proceed with great precautions. And it is also clear that we cannot afford laxity in our approach unless there is a drug. We hope that a vaccine will arrive from any corner of the world as soon as possible, and we will manage to get everyone out of this crisis ”.

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