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Parliament prepares for monsoon session: key points | India News


NEW DELHI: Parliament is fully prepared for the 18-day monsoon session starting Monday in the shadow of the coronavirus pandemic with many new features, including the session of the two Houses in turns with no days off, entry only for those who have a negative Covid-19 report and mandatory use of masks.
Person patching will also give way to non-contact security scanning, while thermal scanning will also be totally contact-free.
Here are some key points:
Covid protocol for Session of parliament
* In the run-up to the session, while more than 4,000 people, including parliamentarians and staff, have been tested for Covid-19, most parliamentary operations have been digitized, all facilities have been cleaned up and the doors have been made untouched.
* The first monsoon session of its kind will see Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha sitting in two different shifts, while special seating arrangements have been made for MPs in compliance with social distancing guidelines.
* Except for the first day, Rajya Sabha will meet in the morning shift from 9 am to 1 pm and Lok Sabha in the afternoon shift from 3 pm to 7 pm The chambers of both Houses together with their respective galleries will be used to the sitting of the members in each turn. Between the two shifts, the entire complex will be cleaned up.
* Both chambers have prepared a new seating arrangement that follows social distancing guidelines for their respective members.
* The DRDO will also provide Covid-19 multi-utility kits to all MPs. Each kit will contain 40 disposable masks, five N-95 masks, 20 disinfectant bottles of 50 ml each, face shields, 40 pairs of gloves, a non-contact hook to open and close doors without touching them, herbal sanitary wipes and tea. bags to enhance immunity.
Opposition demands debate on LAC stagnation and economic slowdown
* The opposition parties have sought a discussion in Lok Sabha on the problems of the economic slowdown, unemployment and the confrontation between the Indian and Chinese forces during a meeting of House leaders on Sunday to discuss the agenda for the Session of the Monsoon, said DMK leader TR Baalu. .
* The DMK leader said he has also sought a discussion on topics such as OBC’s creamy coating review and failure to pay the states’ share of revenue raised under GST.
* Congress leader Jairam Ramesh also said on Sunday that his party wants a discussion in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha about the situation on the border with China and the state of the economy.
* He also mentioned “the closure of businesses and the state of the MSMEs industry, the handling of the Covid-19 pandemic and other issues such as the privatization of the airport, the draft EIA notification.”
* One day before the start of the session, the speaker from Lok Sabha Om Birla chaired the meeting of the lower house business advisory committee. Birla told reporters after the meeting that the leaders of all parties have assured their support for the smooth running of the House.
Congress, other parties to oppose 4 laws
* Congress and other opposition parties will oppose four of the 11 pieces of legislation the government is proposing to introduce at the Monsoon Session of Parliament in place of previously issued ordinances and hope that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will respond to their concerns.
* Party leader Jairam Ramesh said that Congress is in contact with other like-minded parties and has decided to firmly oppose the three laws related to agriculture and the amendment to the Banking Regulation Law in both Houses of Parliament.
* He said that the four ordinances – three related to the agricultural sector and the amendment to the Banking Regulation Law – take away the rights of the states and lead to a greater centralization of power.
47 items to collect
* A total of 47 items have been identified (including 45 bills and 02 financial items) to be dealt with during the Monsoon Session of Parliament starting Monday, according to a statement from the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs.
* The total of eleven bills replacing the ordinance, namely, the Trade in Agricultural Products and Trade (Promotion and Facilitation) bill, 2020, the Farmers’ Agreement (Empowerment and Protection) on Price Guarantee and the Agricultural Services Bill, 2020, Central Council of Homeopathy (Amendment) Bill 2020, Central Council of Medicine Bill (Amendment) of India, 2020, Essential Commodity Bill (Amendment) , 2020, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Amendment (Second) Act, 2020, Banking Regulation (Amendment) Bill, 2020, Taxation and Other Laws (Relaxation of Certain Provisions), 2020, Epidemic Diseases Bill (Amendment) ), 2020, the Ministers’ Salaries and Benefits Bill (Amendment), 2020, on the Salaries, Benefits and Pensions of Members of Parliament (Amendment) The 2020 bill is required to be passed d uring the Monsoon Session.
There will be no meeting of all parties before the monsoon session
* Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pralhad Joshi will not hold an all-party meeting prior to the monsoon parliament session in the wake of Covid-19.
* A meeting of all parties is granted before the start of the parliamentary sessions to discuss the agenda and set objectives.
* However, a meeting of the Rajya Sabha Business Advisory Committee was held in Parliament today.
Lok Sabha MPs will mark attendance via mobile app
* For the first time, Members of Parliament in Lok Sabha will be required to record their attendance digitally using a mobile app – the attendance registration app amid the coronavirus pandemic.
* According to sources, the application is designed by the National Center for Informatics to reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19, as they will not have to use or touch the attendance record.
* MPs must be present within Parliament to register using the coordinates provided by the app.
No question time and bills from private members; Reduced zero hour
* There will be no question hour and private member bills will not be dealt with in the next session of Parliament, while zero hour will be restricted, the notifications issued by the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha secretariats said.
* There will also be no breaks during the session, which will be held from September 14 to October 1, and both Chambers will also work on Saturdays and Sundays, they specified.
* “There will be no question time during the session. In view of the government’s request due to the extraordinary situation prevailing due to Covid-19, the speaker has ordered that no day be set for the business transaction of private members during the session. session. “, said the Lok Sabha Secretariat in a notification.

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