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‘India reached 50,000 dead in 156 days, USA in 23’ | India News


NEW DELHI: Fewer patients are dying in India from Covid-19 compared to the rest of the world as the death rate continues to decline, touching 1.93%, the health ministry said even as deaths due to the disease have exceeded 50,000.
“The United States crossed 50,000 deaths in 23 days, Brazil in 95 days and Mexico in 141 days. India took 156 days to reach this national figure, ”the ministry said, underscoring what it said is a sustained focus on effective clinical management of positive cases.
In addition to effective treatment in hospitals, measures such as supervised home isolation, the use of non-invasive oxygen, and the improvement of ambulance services to transport patients for prompt and timely treatment have helped keep the death rate under control. authorities said.
“The tireless efforts of ASHA workers have ensured effective surveillance and progress monitoring of patients in supervised home isolation. The clinical management skills of clinicians treating Covid-19 patients have been enhanced through active technical guidance through teleconsultation sessions by domain knowledge experts from AIIMS, New Delhi.
These measures have collectively ensured smooth and efficient management of patients from home to hospital for critically ill and critically ill patients, ”said an official.
Data from John Hopkins University shows the fatality rate in other countries, including Italy (14%), Mexico (10.9%), Iran (5.7%), Indonesia (4.4%), Brazil (3 , 2%), the US (3.2%) and Chile (2.7%) much higher than India. While the death rate due to Covid-19 has seen a steady decline from 3.33% in mid-June to less than 2% in mid-August, the recovery rate is also steadily increasing to reach 72%, as more than 18.6 lakhs of patients have recovered from the disease. up to this point.
A total of 53,322 patients recovered and were discharged within 24 hours. “The steady increase in recoveries has ensured that the percentage of cases in the country is declining,” the ministry said. There are 6,77,444 active cases registered as of Sunday, representing 25.16% of the total Covid-19 cases so far.
With efficient and aggressive testing, India is moving rapidly towards completion of 3 crore Covid-19 testing, according to the ministry. A total of 2,93,09,703 samples had been tested for Covid-19 as of Aug. 15, and 7,46,608 samples were tested on Saturday alone, the ministry said. This has been made possible by a rapidly growing national network of diagnostic laboratories comprising 969 laboratories in the government sector and 500 private laboratories, numbering 1,469, he said.
On Sunday, India’s Covid-19 count rose to 25,89,682 with a single-day peak of 63,490 infections.

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