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Kamala Harris recounts childhood visits to India, good idli, long walks with grandfather | India News


WASHINGTON (AP) – Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris took a trip back in time on Saturday, recalling her mother’s attempts to “instill a love of good idli” in her and her sister Maya and the “long walks “with his grandfather in Chennai.
Speaking during a ‘South Asianns of Biden’ event, Harris voiced his wishes on India’s Independence Day and said that the Indian and American communities are united by much more than their shared history and culture.
“When my mother Shyamala [Gopalan] got off a plane in California When he was 19, he didn’t have many belongings, but he carried lessons from home with him, including those he had learned from his parents, “he said.
Harris said her mother, a Tamil Indian-American who became a prominent cancer researcher and activist, would take her and her sister Maya to India because she wanted her daughters to understand where she came from.
The California senator recalled how she and her grandfather took long walks in what was then called Madaras, where the latter told Harris about the “heroes” who were involved in the fight for freedom in India. She said the lessons from her grandfather PV Gopalan, a career civil servant, are a big reason “why I am where I am today.”
“Growing up, my mother took my sister Maya and me back to what was then called Madras because she wanted us to understand where she came from and where we had ancestry. And, of course, she always wanted to instill in us a love for good Idli, “he said.
“In Madras I would go out for long walks with my grandfather, who was retired at the time, and we would take morning walks where he would pull his hand and tell me about the heroes responsible for the birth of the largest democracy in the world, and he explained that “It is up to us to pick up where we left off.” Those lessons are a big reason why I am where I am today. ”
Harris, who was recently chosen by Joe Biden as his running mate, will become not only the first black woman with the ticket, but also the first Indian-American.

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