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‘Guerrero’ rider by his side, Gehlot wins vote of confidence | India News


JAIPUR: The suspension of more than a month on the stability of the government led by Ashok Gehlot in Rajasthan, following a rebellion within the state Congress, ended with the ruling party winning a vote of confidence in the Assembly on Friday.
The BJP did not file a motion of no confidence, which the party had declared on Thursday, nor did it demand a vote on the government’s motion of confidence, which was approved by voice.
Former Chief Deputy Minister Sachin Pilot, who had brought the Gehlot government into crisis with its revolt last month, helped the ruling party get ahead by supporting the motion of confidence.
Gehlot, who had claimed that his government would have won the vote of confidence without Pilot and his 18 loyal MLAs, said in the Assembly: “The BJP was determined to overthrow my government, while I was determined not to drop it at any cost. “. Gehlot said the crisis ended “wonderfully” but left the BJP “bruised.”
Although Pilot was not among the speakers from the ruling side, he intervened twice during the debate when opposition leaders Gulab Chand Kataria and Rajendra Rathore attempted to take action in the fight between him and Gehlot.
“They are taking my name repeatedly. I have sat on the border with the ruling party on one side and the opposition on the other. I reflected on the new seating arrangement and wondered, who is being sent to the border? The answer is: the strongest warrior, ”Pilot said, prompting the treasury banks to bang on the tables in appreciation.
The pilot’s seat in the House has moved behind that of ministers in the second row since he was removed as chief deputy minister. Before, he used to sit next to Gehlot in the front row.
“In time, things will clear up. I’m not here to give a speech. Whether it is me or my colleagues, we have shared our ‘ailment’ (complaints) with the ‘doctor’ (leadership of Congress). We have entered the house after ending all that. Now, despite the heavy ‘bombardment’ here, I will defend my government as a warrior, with armor, shield, spear and mace, “said Piloto, with more blows on the table.
Pilot stepped in a second time when Kataria attacked the government, saying it had taken credit for increasing employment under the MNREGA during the pandemic, but did not give credit to Pilot, who had the panchayati raj and rural development portfolios. “Please leave it to me and my group. You focus on what you have to do, ”Pilot told Kataria.
Gehlot then tweeted: “Winning the vote of confidence in the Assembly is a message to the forces that are trying to destabilize the elected governments in the country. All her tactics failed in Rajasthan. It is the unwavering trust of the people in us and the unity among the MLA in Congress that brought this victory. ”
Once the House was adjourned for the day, Pilot approached Gehlot and congratulated him on the victory. Outside the house, Pilot said: “The government that won the vote of confidence in the Assembly has put an end to all speculation. Despite attempts by the opposition, the government won with a solid majority ”.
Former Prime Minister Vasundhara Raje was present in the Chamber but did not participate in the debate.
During the debate, Gehlot blamed the BJP for misusing ED and CBI to overthrow state governments, while Kataria and Rathore accused their government of misusing the SOG and the anti-corruption office to threaten lawmakers. .
The opposition accused the government of illegally tapping the phones of elected representatives, while Gehlot alluded to Union Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat in reference to audio clips on MLA horse trafficking. The opposition objected when Gehlot accused the Union Minister of the Interior, Amit Shah, of overthrowing elected state governments.

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