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DMK fires Ku Ka Selvam MLA from match | Chennai News


CHENNAI: DMK fired Ku Ka Selvam MLA from the party’s main membership and all other positions he held on Thursday for engaging in anti-party activities.
Chosen from the constituency of the Thousand Lights assembly in Chennai, Selvam was recently suspended from the party after meeting with BJP National Chairman JP Nadda in New Delhi on August 4. The next day, he participated in a puja at the BJP office in Chennai that took place when Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone for a temple in Ayodhya.
Selvam also raised the issue of “family dominance” in the DMK, saying that seniors like him had no future in the party. When the DMK suspended him from the match, Selvam challenged him to expel him from the match.
In his response to a notice issued by the DMK, Selvam said that the party had suspended him without hearing his version.
His explanation of his actions was unsatisfactory, the party said in a statement, explaining the reason for his dismissal.

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