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Javed Miandad says he will challenge Imran Khan in politics | Cricket news


ISLAMABAD: Legendary hitter Javed Miandad said on Wednesday that he was the captain of incumbent Prime Minister Imran Khan and that he will join politics to “challenge” him.
Miandad said on his YouTube channel that he was the driving force for Khan, also a former captain, in cricket.
Miandad said he will join politics and tell people what real politics is about. She said that after joining politics she will call things by name.

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“Not only in sports matters, I will also challenge him (Khan) in the field of politics. Imran should remember that I was his captain, ”he said in an angry tone.
The former captain claimed that he appointed Khan as prime minister. He went on to say that Khan lost his way and was not running the country properly. He said Khan’s appointments to the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) were questionable.
Miandad said that Pakistanis were capable of managing the PCB and that the practice of hiring people from abroad should end.
“Please don’t bring in people from abroad to manage our cricket. Look for deserving people in Pakistan. Believe in the people of Pakistan, ”he said.
He spoke about the new regional cricket system and also said that the treatment of former captain Sarfaraz Ahmed was not adequate.
Miandad, a member of the team that won the 1992 World Cup, was the backbone of the then Pakistan team and is remembered for many memorable entries.

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