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It is shameful to equate Hindi with nationalism: Kanimozhi | India News


CHENNAI: More than not knowing Hindi, the question of equating Hindi with nationalism is “shameful” and surpassed all other languages ​​in the country in determining identity, DMK MP Kanimozhi said Wednesday.
Thoothukudi MP Lok Sabha claimed that she had never studied Hindi in school or learned the language, even after she started going to Delhi as a MP.
On Sunday, Kanimozhi said she was asked whether she was Indian or not after she told a CISF official at the airport to speak in Tamil or English because she did not understand Hindi.
The CISF subsequently ordered that the matter be investigated.
“The problem is not about knowing Hindi or not. It is shameful (to say) that I can be Indian only if I know Hindi,” Kanimozhi told reporters at the airport here.
Referring to his experience at the airport on Sunday, he said it was encouraging to note that the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) authorities took action in response to “our sentiments.”
“The truth is, I don’t know Hindi. I never studied it at my school, where only Tamil and English were taught. Even after I started going to Delhi, I didn’t learn that language,” he said.
The language barrier persisted in several places, especially in central government offices, Kanimozhi said.
With a change in attitude, people will definitely have the feeling that they too are Indian and respected.
“This will install faith among the people that there is a place for regional languages ​​in this country,” he added.
“Only if I know Hindi, can I translate. Let it be shown if there is proof,” he said in response to a question that he had done a translation from Hindi in 1989.

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