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electric vehicles: the government allows the sale and registration of electric vehicles without batteries to stimulate demand


NEW DELHI: The Ministry of Road and Highway Transport (MoRTH) issued a notification on Wednesday for the sale and registration of electric vehicles without batteries in order to boost the acceptance of electric mobility in the country.
The ministry has clarified that vehicles without batteries can be sold and registered based on the type approval certificate issued by the Testing Agency. Also, it is not necessary to specify the Brand / Type or any other details of the Battery for registration purposes. However, the prototype of the electric vehicle and the battery (regular battery or interchangeable battery) must be approved by the testing agencies specified in Rule 126 of the Central Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989.
The government, in a notification to the states and UT, said it is striving to create an ecosystem to accelerate the adoption of electric mobility in the country. It is time to come together to work together to achieve the broader national agenda to reduce vehicle pollution and the oil import bill. This will not only protect the environment and reduce the bill for imports, but will also provide opportunities for the dawn industry.
For the promotion of two- and three-wheel electric vehicles, recommendations have been submitted to the Ministry to decouple the cost of the battery (which represents 30-40% of the total cost) from the cost of the vehicle. The vehicles could also be sold on the market without the battery. This will make the initial cost of 2-wheel (2W) and 3-wheel (3W) electric vehicle less than ICE 2 and 3W. Battery could be provided separately by OEM or service provider of energy, the ministry said.

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