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Gehlot, my major and my major, but I have the right to point out what is not right: Sachin Pilot | India News


Actions against MLAs who oppose CM Ashok Gehlot precipitated the political crisis in Rajasthan and would still have the right to point to gaps in governance, congressional officialSachin Pilot he told TOI’s Subodh Ghildiyal. Excerpts:
Now that you are done with your rebellion, what happened to your demand for a change of prime minister?
Exactly one month ago, as deputy CM, the SOG sent me a notification that was unacceptable to me. We felt that there were a lot of issues like governance, delivery and non-participatory leadership in Rajasthan. We wanted to make the party leadership aware of this and we came to Delhi. But there were many FIRs, CBA cases, MLA suspension. Actions in Jaipur precipitated things. But we said from day one that we are in Congress and we will stay there. We are pleased that the leadership in Congress has developed a roadmap to address our issues.
Where are you today? What position are you waiting for now?
Whatever I am today is due to the blessings of the people of Rajasthan. My job in the future is to keep promises made to people. I have made no demands on the management. I am an MLA and I have a job in my constituency. My karmabhoomi is Rajasthan and I want to work here. I spent seven years here as head of the PCC. But I will do whatever is asked of me.
What do you think of CM Ashok gehlot now?
He is an experienced and older politician for me. I have no personal animosity against him. But I have the right to point out things that I think are not correct in terms of governance, administration and day-to-day operations. That is not anti-party, illegal or anti-national in any way.
What will happen to the MLA who sided with you in your rebellion? Will the dismissed ministers be reinstated?
They are MLA from Congress and high-level people. Everyone deserves to participate in the party and the government on merit. How that will happen, we have to see. There should be no vendetta policy against them. Let the three-member committee of the AICC decide on the reinstatement of the ministers. I do not see the possibility of returning as deputy CM. Having a house and a car is meaningless if you don’t have the honor or you can’t work.
Can things go back to normal after the exchanges between you and Gehlot – you rebel and the chief minister calls you “nikamma” and “nakara”?
We will work together to keep the promises made to the people … I was deeply hurt when those words were used. However, I chose not to respond. Non-parliamentary language is inappropriate for someone aspiring to high office. I have never made personal accusations against the CM.
Did the prime minister say he never spoke to you since the government took office 18 months ago?
The CM said so. I have nothing to say about it. But it gives you an idea of ​​how the government functioned for more than a year and a half.
Will police cases and disqualification notices against rogue MLAs be dropped?
I think there is a broad understanding of the direction to go. Some cases are in court, so we’ll have to see how they turn out.
Did even his supporters in Congress say he was “in close embrace with BJP,” citing his lawyers and place of stay as evidence?
We all share in the legal and logistical costs incurred for three weeks. The MLAs feared coercive action by the Rajasthan police. So they had to stay out of Rajasthan. The charge of working with BJP was all set.

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