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Don’t make students suffer a turf war between UGC and the states


The longer the UGC and the states argue about whether to award degrees and cancel college exams for the senior year of this year, the worse the suffering of affected students. Delhi, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Odisha, and Punjab canceled university exams for all batches, while Karnataka and Tamil Nadu canceled them for all but the last few years. Given the spread of Covid-19, these states have invoked the Disaster Management Act to make these decisions. But the UGC insists that its authority continues to triumph over that of the states, and that it is the only one that can make a decision on whether or not university exams can be canceled. This is another challenge to authority that everyone must now wait for the Supreme Court to decide.

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But waiting and uncertainty are torturous for students. In recent months, not only have all their plans been affected by the pandemic, but they are also suffering from various misadventures in decision-making. Consider that many protests and delays later, when the University of Delhi is finally conducting online open-book exams for undergraduate and graduate seniors, the experience is proving stressful and agonizing for students with various problems such as non-confirmation of the answer sheets uploaded in the portal. , delays in receiving questionnaires and supplying questionnaires on the wrong topic.

In fact, there are strong arguments for declaring this year zero and also for exams. In the first case, cooperation between various administrations can generate a holistic solution. In the second case, keep in mind that some countries have even managed to conduct in-person exams through solid planning and safe execution. Decision makers need to focus on students, not turf wars. Make well-considered decisions, don’t change them drastically from month to month, and whatever solution you choose, do comprehensive planning and preparation for implementation.

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