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Kozhikode plane crash: Captain Sathe had planned to pay a surprise visit on his mother’s birthday | India News


NAGPUR: Captain Deepak Sathe, pilot of the ill-fated Air India Express flight who died along with 17 other people after the plane crashed at Kerala’s Kozhikode Airport, had planned to pay a surprise visit to Nagpur on his mother’s birthday octogenarian on Saturday, his relative. said.
However, even before his mother could celebrate her 84th birthday, Captain Sathe, 58, was killed in the plane crash.
“Today is the birthday of Captain Sathe’s mother. He had last met his parents in March and was in constant contact with them by phone since then. They spoke for the last time the day before yesterday,” his nephew told PTI. , Dr. Yashodhan Sathe.

“The captain had told some of the relatives that if flights were available, he would pay a surprise visit to his mother on her birthday,” he said.
Captain Sathe lived with his wife in Mumbai.
Her mother, Neela Sathe, who lives with her husband Vasant Sathe, a retired colonel, in the city’s Bharat Nagar village, said that after the coronavirus outbreak, he had told her not to leave the house.

“He used to tell me not to go out because of the pandemic. He told me that if something happened to me, he would feel bad. And suddenly this tragedy struck … what can we do before the will of God. .. “, he said with tears in his eyes.
She remembered him as “the best” in everything, be it studies or sports.
“He was brilliant at table tennis, squash. He was also very good at horseback riding,” he said.
“Our Son had also received the rare ‘Sword of Honor’. However, he would not brag about his achievements,” he said, adding that he was the first Maharashtrian to win all eight Air Force awards.
“He was very useful and would do anything for others. During the Gujarat floods, he had saved the children of the military by carrying them on his shoulders. He was a very brilliant officer,” he said.
His mother also remembered her eldest son, Vikas Sathe, an army lieutenant, who died in a traffic accident.
The Air India Express flight from Dubai with 190 on board overran the runway at Kerala’s Kozhikode Airport on Friday night while landing in heavy rain and fell into a valley 35 feet below and broke into two parts.
Captain Sathe, who was the pilot in command, and his co-pilot Akhilesh Kumar were among those killed in the incident.
Sathe was a former wing commander in the Indian Air Force (IAF) and had served in the force’s flight test establishment. It was from the 58th course of the National Defense Academy (NDA), Pune.
Dr. Yashodhan Sathe said that Captain Sathe’s body has not yet been handed over to the family.
“His wife and brother-in-law are in Kozhikode, but a decision on where the last rites will take place has not yet been made. Due to coronavirus restrictions, we will not be able to go there,” he said.
Captain Sathe has two sons: Dhananjay and Shantanu.
“Dhananjay lives in Bengaluru and is trying to reach Kozhikode by road. His second son is in the United States and he will not be able to come,” said Dr. Yashodhan.

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