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Defrost signs in Rajasthan as Congress sends polls to pilot camp | India News

Amid his ongoing confrontation with Sachin Pilot, conciliatory signals from Congress have emerged with party spokesman Randeep Surjewala saying that former CM MP from Rajasthan may return to the fold if he renounces BJP’s “hospitality” and “security” of Haryana Police.
The comments come even as talks with the rebel faction, locked in Haryana, have resumed in recent days. Although in a hazy stage, openness to compromise is a marked departure from the distancing that seemed imminent amid mounting court battles and the sharp remarks of CM Ashok Gehlot in response to the demand for a change of leadership in the state. The talks can still go in any direction, he feels in the rooms of Congress, with sources in the rebel camp that make it clear that the topic that needs discussion is the change of leadership.
Pilot has said his rebellion was sparked by a “vengeful” police investigation against him on horse trafficking charges, blamed Gehlot and pointed to FIRs against him and other MLAs in his camp, including by stressing his claim to the CM post. .
On Tuesday, the two camps clashed again. When asked about the talks with the rebels, Congress said: “Lawmakers must first give up the security of the Haryana police, the friendship and hospitality of BJP, return home, and only then will the dialogue take place.” A couple of days earlier, Gehlot had said that it would have no prestige if the party forgave dissidents.
In retaliation, the pilot camp raised the ante with three MLAs demanding a change of leadership and attacking Gehlot with strong words. Hemaram Chaudhary, Ved Prakash Solanki and Indraj Singh said it was a fight for “self-respect and against Gehlot’s dictatorial attitude.” They said they will remain in Congress and were only opposed to the CM.
Gehlot has accused Pilot of conspiring against his government in league with rival BJP, although he has softened his stance. After the political crisis started by the Pilot rebellion, the Rajasthan assembly will meet from August 14 during which a motion of confidence by Gehlot is likely. It will force the rebels to return to Jaipur. But the session will also test the state government of Congress, as it only has the numbers to demonstrate the majority in the House.
The rebels feel that the CM numbers have decreased and are also awaiting the results of the proceedings in the Supreme Court and the High Court of Rajasthan.
A couple of other developments may have some impact on the floor test. While the President and Congress have contested the suspension of the superior court in a disqualification notice to the rebels, a BJP petition challenging the merger of the 6-MLA BSP in Congress will be presented for hearing at the HC on August 11 .
If a compromise has to occur, you will have to resolve the Rebel Rehabilitation Package to your satisfaction. In addition, Pilot was fired as Rajasthan’s deputy chief minister and head of Congress after he left Jaipur with his ALM support contingent on July 11 and a suitable role will have to be found for him.

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