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WHO suggests Ahmedabd Covid-19 measures as case study: Gujarat Government | India News


AHMEDABAD: The World Health Organization (WHO) appreciated the management of Covid-19 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, and suggested taking various measures that are being implemented in the city as a case study for the rest of India and other countries, the state government said Saturday. .
WHO chief scientist Soumya Swaminathan has appreciated Covid-19’s management in Ahmedabad, he said.
WHO has suggested taking initiatives in Ahmedabad such as ‘Dhanvantari Rath’, 104 fever helpline, Sanjivani Van; and the active participation of private hospitals in monitoring and treatment as a case study for other cities in India and abroad, she said.
Meanwhile, Gujarat has also steadily increased testing for Covid-19 diagnosis from 64,007 in April to 3.91,114 in July, which the government said is three times the rate suggested by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). .
Gujarat’s patient recovery rate has improved to 73.09 percent, “which is much higher than in other states,” while Covid-19’s death rate has decreased to 3.97 percent, according to an official statement.
The government under Chief Minister Vijay Rupani has been working on the “testing, monitoring and treatment” formula since the first Covid-19 case was detected in Gujarat on March 19, 2020, he said.
The number of tests for the coronavirus has been constantly increasing. At a rate of 410.83 tests per day per million tests as of July 31, the government has reached a rate that is almost three times the rate of 140 suggested by the ICMR, he said.
As of July 31, Gujarat had analyzed a total of 7.64,777 samples, including 3.91,114 in July, which is the highest in a month since the virus outbreak on March 19, according to the statement.
A total of 64,007 samples were analyzed in April, 1.47,923 in May and 1.61,733 in June, he said.
“The patient recovery rate in Gujarat is much higher than in other states, at 73.09 percent, while the death rate has dropped to 3.97 percent,” the statement said.
The CM has suggested that house-to-house health monitoring be made available in cities through municipal authorities to detect infected patients, he said.
As of July 31, the Ahmedabad district contributed 26,517 Covid-19 cases to the total count of more than 61,000 in Gujarat, according to the health department.

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