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Love everyone: Roger Federer surprises the sensations of the Italian rooftop rally, plays a game with them | Tennis news


NEW DELHI: When the coronavirus pandemic stopped all sports activities around the world and the blockade forced people to stay at home, two Italian girls became an instant hit on social media after their video of playing the Tennis on your individual rooftops and stay perfectly beaten. the protests went viral.
The two girls, Vittoria, 13, and Carola, 11, were seen playing tennis from their respective roofs against each other in the viral video in April of this year.

At the time, the girls were not expecting much when playing rooftop tennis in Finale Ligura (Italy). But after becoming internet sensations, they received an unexpected surprise on July 10: a visit from no less than 20-time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer, whom both girls idolize, facilitated by a Pasta company.
The girls’ perseverance during the Covid-19 lockdown moved the 38-year-old Swiss teacher and called the meeting “a very special moment” in his career.

“For me personally, that was a very special moment in my tennis career. To surprise a fan, or children, as I could today with Carola and Vittoria,” said Federer.
After the meeting, Federer played a game of tennis with the girls on the same rooftops.
“It was great. I have played in many great places around the world. But this is definitely within my reach as a special experience. We proved that we can play anywhere and have fun with it. Honestly, I had the best time.” Federer added.
The two young girls couldn’t believe that Federer was really with them and they took a selfie taking a party, while telling the world that the man with them was actually the same Roger Federer.
At the end of the video, Federer also revealed that he had another surprise for the girls. Federer is also sending them to the Rafael Nadal Tennis Academy for a summer camp.

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