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Gold Smuggling Case: BJP Launches 18-Day ‘Satyagraha’ and Demands Kerala CM Resignation for Gold Smuggling Case | Thiruvananthapuram News


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM (KERALA): The Bharatiya Janata Festival (BJP) members launched an 18-day satyagraha on Saturday demanding the resignation of Kerala, Prime Minister Pinarayi Vijayan.

By opening the hunger strike via video conference, BJP MLA Bhupender Yadav said: “It is for the first time in the country that the prime minister’s office is involved in the gold smuggling case. The defendant Swapna Suresh was employed in the IT department, which is managed by Pinarayi Vijayan. ”
“His chief secretary M Sivasankar was also questioned by the National Investigation Agency (NIA). Pinarayi Vijayan is responsible for the gold smuggling case and should resign,” added Yadav.
He also called the CM the “architect of the SNC-Lavalin scam”. Furthermore, Yadav said that the NIA in the FIR presented has pointed out that the gold smuggling money was used to finance the terror.
“Therefore, the participation of the Office of the Chief Minister even questions the sovereignty of the country. The left government is involved in the organized loot of the people of Kerala. The communists did the same when they were in power in West Bengal and Tripura “he added.
Earlier in the day, Yadav tweeted, “BJP launched satyagraha seeking the resignation of CM, whose office oversaw gold smuggling. Kerala BJP senior leader O Rajagopal leads the fight. He spoke to BJP workers on the occasion. His fight against grafting is laudable. ” ”

“In the ‘Kerala development model’, the CM office has been actively involved in gold smuggling. The money that has come up was used to finance terrorist activities. The CM should not be in the office for another day. It should resign now, “he added.
On the occasion, BJP MLA O Rajagopal said: “I will fast at the BJP state office and this is the first day of the program, which will continue for 18 days in all districts. Similar programs will take place during this period. State President K. Surendran will fast on the last day. ”
“The last corruption problem that came to light is the case of gold smuggling, in which Swapna and others were involved. It is the current political problem in the state. The state government is not in a position to take effective measures against them. They do not want to do that and we are sure they will not. ”
He also accused the state government of protecting corruption and helping the corrupt. He added that with this, the government is promoting corruption.
“It is a serious matter, since this gold is not intended to make decorations, it is transported and used to help anti-national forces. This is a fundraising mechanism for those who operate in India and want to destabilize the Modi government.” he said.
In concluding, he said that this fight is for the purpose of national security and not propaganda. “We are doing our duty and we hope that people will appreciate it.”
BJP State President K Surendran said: “We have decided to intensify the strike by demanding the resignation of smugglers from Kerala CM himself. The party will host satyagraha by high-ranking leaders over the next 18 days and wise virtual meetings of the district.” .
On Sunday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Parliamentary Affairs, V Muraleedharan will hold satyagraha demanding the resignation of the CM. BJP National Secretary General Muralidhar Rao will join him in inaugurating it.
O Rajagopal’s hunger strike, which will continue until 5 pm on Saturday, is part of a series of upheaval planned by the BJP Kerala unit demanding the resignation of the Chief Minister of Kerala over the case of gold smuggling.
Several high-ranking BJP leaders will fast in the coming days, and BJP State President K Surendran will conduct a hunger strike on August 18, the day of the conclusion.

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