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Covid’s biggest deaths in a single day, recoveries in India | India News


NEW DELHI: The daily death toll from the Covid-19 pandemic in India crossed 800 for the first time, with 848 deaths reported on Saturday, 322 of them in Maharashtra alone, even as the country recorded nearly 56,000 new cases, the second. highest single-day count so far.
In a more joyous development, recoveries increased to a maximum of one day with 51,740 people declared cured of the infection on Saturday, 12,750 of them in Andhra Pradesh and more than 10,000 in Maharashtra.
The country’s number of Covid-19 cases crossed 17 lakh, with 55,919 new cases bringing the total to 17,50,901, according to data collected from state governments. Deaths have also increased this week, and the daily number remains above 750 for the fifth consecutive day.
Saturday’s death toll of 848 was easily the highest single-day count so far, 62 more than the previous peak of 786 recorded on Thursday.
Meanwhile, Chennai surpassed the grim 1-lakh case milestone with 1,074 new additions, bringing its account to 1.00,877.
In July, four states reported more than 1 lakh of cases, led by Maharashtra, where 2.47,357 cases were reported during the month. Tamil Nadu had the next highest number of cases in July at 1.55,692, followed by Andhra Pradesh (1.26,338), Karnataka (1.08,873) and Uttar Pradesh (62,953). However, Andhra Pradesh had by far the highest case growth rate in July at 866%, meaning that infections increased almost 10-fold. Cases in the state increased from 14,595 to 1.40,933 during the month. Karnataka’s growth rate was 714%, Kerala’s 431%, Bihar’s 410% and Assam’s 390%.
Five states reported more than 1,000 Covid-19 related deaths in July. Maharashtra had by far the highest count of 7,139, followed by Tamil Nadu (2,734), Karnataka (2,068), Delhi (1,221) and Andhra Pradesh (1,173). The growth rate of deaths during the month was highest in Karnataka with 840%, followed by Andhra Pradesh (666%).
On Saturday, Maharashtra reported 322 deaths, the highest number in a day so far, bringing its Covid-19 death toll to 15,316 by violating the 15,000 mark. Chandrapur, the only district so far in the state that has not had any Covid-19 deaths, its first victim reported. With this, there is not a single district in the state with a count of zero deaths.
The state reported a slight drop in new cases, to 9,601, and more downloads (10,725) than daily additions were reported. The total number of cases in Maharashtra amounted to 4.31,719. Mumbai recorded a drop in the number of deaths on Saturday, with 45 deaths or 14% of the total deaths added, and 1,047 new cases.
Andhra Pradesh reported 9,276 cases of Covid-19 on Saturday when the cumulative count violated the 1.5 lakh mark. The total number of positive cases in the state is now 1.50,209. The state also witnessed a record 12,750 recoveries, the highest discharges in a single day.
With less than 100 deaths reported on Saturday, the cumulative figure in Tamil Nadu surpassed the mark of 4,000 to 4,034 on Saturday. The state added 5,879 cases that brought the case count to 2.51,738. However, the number of active cases dropped to 56,738 from 57,968 on Friday.
In Bihar, 3,521 new cases were reported, the highest in one day so far, bringing the count to 54,508. Those who tested positive for the virus on Saturday included Patna DM Kumar Ravi.
In Rajasthan, the number of Covid-19 cases was high on Saturday when 1,160 cases were recorded. Additionally, the state witnessed the highest single-day deaths at age 14. This was the eighth consecutive day that the number of cases exceeded 1,000.
With four deaths reported in the past 24 hours, the Ahmedabad district of Gujarat has recorded deaths of 1,601 patients with Covid-19. The last 100 deaths occurred in 24 days, which is more than double the 11 days it took the district to record 1,401 cases to 1,500 cases.

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