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UPA was the victim of ‘sabotage’ by former CAG Vinod Rai: Manish Tewari | India News


NEW DELHI: A day after Rahul Gandhi loyalists in Congress accused UPA-II of being responsible for the fall of the party’s fortunes after 2014, Lok Sabha MP, Manish Tewari, strongly defended the government of UPA saying that he was the victim of internal sabotage through the then CAG. Vinod Rai who gave a “false 2G report”.
“Was UPA responsible for the decrease in the fate of Congress in 2014? It is a valid question: should it be considered? Equally valid is UPA was sabotaged from within? The defeat of 2019 must also be analyzed. No charge against UPA has withstood the test of the law six years later, ”he tweeted. “… former CAG Vinod Rai and his fraudulent 2G report. What would be interesting to discover one day is not that the report was FALSE but who prepared it,” he added.
The claim came in the context of a clash between party officials over what was behind the continuing decline in the popularity of Congress among the people. Young deputy Rajeev Satav said that any revision will have to go back to UPA-II. He argued that the performance of the government led by Congress and the carelessness of the organization after 2009 had burdened the party with negative aspects that continued to hinder it.
Tewari told TOI that the general transformative changes in the social sector brought by UPA were responsible for the rise of the poor and should not be lost sight of.

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