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TikTok to government: ready to store data locally


NEW DELHI: Tik Tok, the blocked Chinese app controlled by internet giant ByteDance, it is understood that he told the government that the company is ready to establish data centers in India to store user information locally, even when it denied any violation of user privacy and integrity, emphasizing that its operations always adhered to local laws and regulations.
TikTok and Helo were among the 59 Chinese apps that were blocked by the government on June 29 on various charges, including for “engaging in activities that are detrimental to the sovereignty and integrity of India, the defense of India, security of the state and public order. ”

The company’s defense comes in response to a detailed questionnaire (more than 70 questions) that the IT ministry had quickly sent to blocked Chinese applications, seeking many details on issues such as data management practices, unauthorized access to data. , security features, data processing and collection. .
A TikTok spokesperson said: “We have sent our response to the government and are working with them to provide clarification to allay their concerns.” Throughout our operations, we have demonstrated an unequivocal commitment to comply with local laws, including privacy and data security requirements. ”
The government has formed a high-level committee to analyze the response from Chinese companies that would help it resolve the future course of action, including deciding to hold a face-to-face meeting or seek more details.

Sources told TOI that TikTok has emphasized that it has been a law-abiding entity in India, and that it was planning to increase its engagement by observing local data servers. He previously claimed that he used to store Indian data primarily on third-party servers in the United States and Singapore. One of the sources said their guarantee of having local servers is considered an attempt to build trust around their data management practices.
The company has also said that it wants to establish an engineering center in India that works on global products and technological innovations.

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