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Government panel opposes Kashmir 4G, but LG “says it agrees with that” | India News


NEW DELHI: The Center faced an uncomfortable situation in the Supreme Court on Tuesday when the High Power Committee (HPC) headed by the Home Secretary refused to provide 4G Internet services in Kashmir at the moment, but media reports suggested that Lt. Governor GC Murmu favored the resumption of high-speed internet services.
With Jammu and Kashmir celebrating their first anniversary as a Union Territory on August 5, Attorney General KK Venugopal and Attorney General Tushar Mehta emerged from the disturbing situation looking for a week to present the correct image to the SC.
A bank of Justices NV Ramana, RS Reddy and BR Gavai published the matter for a new hearing on August 5. The AG and SG said that the date (August 5) was of some importance and requested that the hearing be held some other day. The bank released the matter for its hearing on August 7.
The NGO ‘Foundation for Media Professionals’, through advocate Huzefa Ahmadi, said that although the HPC headed by the home secretary had rejected the availability of 4G internet services in Kashmir for the time being, Murmu had said to media organizations that the administration had no reservations if 4G services were provided at the UT. “Our only request is that the authorities consider the issue magnificently rather than other considerations,” said Ahmadi.
The SC had ordered the creation of an HPC headed by the home secretary to periodically review the situation at the UT and determine if high-speed Internet services could be provided to individuals. The NGO had said that, in the absence of internet services, students were unable to attend virtual classes during the pandemic when schools were closed and lagged behind their peers in other states. She also said that businessmen were unable to transact, doctors were unable to offer online consultations to patients, and people’s freedom of expression was hampered by a lack of 4G services.
However, the Center had said that the fastest Internet services were being misused by elements hostile to peace acting at the behest of a hostile neighbor to spread rumors and arouse passions from the public and disturb the atmosphere at UT.

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