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52,000 new cases in India, more than 10,000 peaks in Andhra Pradesh | India News


NEW DELHI: India recorded the largest increase in new Covid-19 cases on Wednesday, breaking the 52,000 mark for the first time when the disease reached alarming proportions in Andhra Pradesh, which became the only state after Maharashtra where more than 10,000 people tested positive in a single day
Witnessing a large increase in recent days, the state reported 10,093 new cases. At this rate, Andhra, at number four with 1,20,390 cases, could surpass Delhi’s 1.33,310 case number to emerge soon as the third most affected state.
771 more deaths cause a toll of around 35,000
With 65 recent deaths, the number of victims in Andhra Pradesh reached 1,213, making it the eighth most affected state.
With 52,898 new cases on Wednesday, India’s number of cases was 15.83,483 and almost 10 lakh of these were recorded in just 29 days of this month. July has turned out to be the worst month for the country, representing 63% of cases since the pandemic broke out. With 771 deaths on Wednesday, the second highest in a day after 781 deaths on Tuesday, India’s cumulative figure was 34,950. More than half of these deaths were recorded in July alone.

52,000 new cases in India, more than 10,000 peaks in Andhra Pradesh | India News

On the positive side, India crossed the 10-lakh mark in recoveries, with 32,371 patients recovering from the disease in the past 24 hours, bringing the total number of people cured to 10,19,083.
Maharashtra, which is the most affected state, violated the four lakh mark as 9,211 new cases brought the state’s case load to 4.00,651. It now has almost as many cases as Mexico (4,02,697), the sixth most affected country in the world. The state recorded 298 deaths, which is the highest number on a single day on July 23.
The situation in South India remains grim. At 92, Karnataka recorded the highest number of deaths on Wednesday among the southern states, followed by Tamil Nadu (82), AP (65) and Telangana (12). In addition to Andhra, at least four more states recorded their biggest surges in a single day: Rajasthan (1,144 new cases), Gujarat (1,114), MP (917), and Jharkhand (791).

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