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PM Modi Launches 3 High-Volume Covid Test Labs | India News


NEW DELHI: PM Modi launched three high-performance labs in Noida, Kolkata and Mumbai on Monday to test samples for Covid-19. The facilities, which will allow more than 10,000 samples to be analyzed per day and reduce response time and exposure of laboratory personnel to infectious clinical material, will not be limited to Covid-19 tests, but will be expanded to analyze many other diseases , including hepatitis B and C, HIV and dengue in the future, Modi said.
He also said that India was now the second largest manufacturer of PPE kits in the world. India has progressed from not having a single manufacturer of PPE kits six months ago to having more than 1,200 manufacturers now, producing more than 5 lakh kits a day, Modi said. The annual production capacity of the fans has also been converted to 3 lakh.

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