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It has not yet been decided to convene the session of the Rajasthan assembly | India News


JAIPUR: Rajasthan Raj Bhawan has returned the files related to the convening of the assembly session to the state’s parliamentary affairs department, sources said Monday.
According to sources, no decision has yet been made on the session of the assembly.
“Rajasthan Raj Bhawan returned the files related to the convening of the assembly session to the state parliamentary affairs department. Raj Bhawan also sought some additional details from the state government. A decision on the assembly session has not yet been made.” The sources noted. I said to ANI.
The power struggle in Rajasthan had taken a new turn when the governor had failed to respond to the request from the congressional government to urgently convene a session of the state assembly.
Previously, the Rajasthan governor’s secretary’s office had said that the state government had put forward a proposal to convene the assembly session on very short notice on the night of July 23. The document was analyzed and legal experts were consulted on the matter, he said.
He said a 21-day notice is required for the session to be called according to normal procedures. Gehlot had said on Saturday that the Congress party will approach the President and, if necessary, will also organize a protest outside the Prime Minister’s residence regarding the current situation in Rajasthan.
As the political crisis in Rajasthan deepened, the Bahujan Samaj party on Sunday issued a whip to its six MLAs ordering them to vote against Congress in any “motion of no confidence” or in any procedure to be held during the session of the Rajasthan assembly.
There is no mention of a floor test in the Rajasthan government’s proposal to the governor asking him to start the session of the assembly from July 31, sources said Sunday.
The development came when the Rajasthan Congress is in crisis after differences between the pilot and Prime Minister Ashok Gehlot came to light. Pilot was removed as deputy chief minister and head of the state unit of Congress.
Congress accused the BJP of falling into the horse trade to overthrow the Gehlot government. The BJP has rejected the allegations.

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