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Corona is still fatal, don’t let your guard down: Prime Minister’s radio message | India News


NEW DELHI: Urging people not to let their guard down, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said Sunday that the coronavirus remains as fatal as it was when the contagion first appeared on the world scene.
During his monthly radio speech ‘Mann ki Baat’, he urged citizens to commit to free themselves from the pandemic on August 15 and also to resolve self-sufficient India along the lines of the ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ that they had announced. Her message comes at a time when the brakes are loosening and it feels like the general public is slacking off as they observe social distancing and wearing masks and cases of infection are increasing.
Modi said the dangers of the coronavirus are far from over and in many places it is spreading rapidly. “We need to be more vigilant. We have to take into account that the crown is as fatal today as it was in the beginning, that is why we must be totally cautious, ”he said.
Modi will launch “high performance” Covid-19 test facilities at three locations via video conference on Monday. This occurs when India aims to increase the collective testing capacity of coronaviruses to 10 lakh tests per day.
“High performance” research refers to the automation of experiments where large-scale replications become feasible. These facilities will not only increase testing capacity but also strengthen early detection and treatment of the coronavirus, which is expected to help the country control the spread of the pandemic. The three high-performance test facilities to be launched by the Prime Minister have been strategically established at ICMR centers in Noida, Mumbai and Kolkata.

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