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Center Does Not Endorse Biocon Drug For Covid | India News


BENGALURU: Biocon suffered a setback on Sunday when the Union Health Ministry announced that the firm’s itolizumab drug has not been included in the national treatment protocol for patients with Covid-19.
Less than two weeks ago, the Comptroller General of Drugs of India had given permission for the use of the drug in patients with moderate to severe coronaviruses, causing a rise in the company’s stock price.
The health ministry in a note said the national Covid-19 Working Group set up by the ministry had argued that there is “very little evidence in favor of this drug.” Several independent experts also questioned the use of Biocon from just 30 patients for the trial. But Biocon had noticed that it is a medication that was previously approved for psoriasis, and this was just an extension of the label. He also said that the emergency procedures for obtaining authorization for use in patients with Covid-19 were in accordance with international standards.
On Sunday, after the ministry’s statement, Biocon said in a statement: “The Covid National Task Force needs to see more evidence and we will provide them with real-world big data so the committee can reconsider its decision on listing itolizumab in the protocol”. Almost 1,000 patients have used the drug across the country with good outcome data. ”
He continued to this day: “Furthermore, we have already announced that we have planned to conduct a trial of 200 patients in phase 4 of Pan India in 10-15 hospitals. The study protocol was sent to DCGI and we will start the trial soon. ”

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