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India’s democracy will function according to the Constitution, echoing the voice of the people: Rahul Gandhi | India News


NEW DELHI: Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi said Sunday democracy in the country it will function in accordance with the Constitution and will echo the voice of the people, who will reject the BJP’s “conspiracy of deceit and deceit”.
He was participating in Congress’ online “SpeakUpForDemocracy” campaign to expose what he called the BJP’s designs to topple the Ashok Gehlot dispensation in Rajasthan and other state governments led by opposition parties. A large number of party leaders participated in the digital campaign.
“India’s democracy will function according to the Constitution and will echo the voice of the people. The people of the country will protect democracy and the Constitution by rejecting the BJP conspiracy of deception and deception,” he said in a Hindi tweet. .

The Congressional government in Rajasthan faces a threat after former MP Sachin Pilot from Gehlot rebelled against the party. Another 18 MLAs are supporting Pilot.
Congress accused the BJP of being behind the revolt, a charge denied by the saffron party.
Congress will hold rallies outside of all Raj Bhawans on Monday to protest against the action of the Rajasthan governor.
Congress accused the Rajasthan Governor of delaying a session of the Rajasthan Assembly. He also alleged the misuse of the powers of the governors to overthrow the opposition governments.
“Indian democracy will follow the Constitution and will echo the voice of the people. The Indian people will reject BJP’s deception and conspiracies and will protect Indian democracy and the Constitution,” Rahul Gandhi said in another tweet.

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