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Riot against CAA: JNU alumnus Sharjeel Imam accused of sedition | Delhi News


Riot against CAA: JNU alumnus Sharjeel Imam accused of sedition | Delhi News

Sharjeel Imam. (Reuters photo)

NEW DELHI: Delhi Police charged a JNU alumnus on Saturday Sharjeel Imam conditionally before a court in Delhi for allegedly inciting people to participate in activities that are detrimental to the sovereignty and integrity of the country.
Police made the allegations on their charge sheet filed in court in a case related to anti-CAA riots earlier this year.
The agency presented the final report in various sections, including 124-A (Sedition), 153 (A) (Promoting enmity), 153-A (promoting enmity, Hatred between different communities), 153-B (Affirmation detrimental to national integration ) and 505 (spreading rumors) of IPC and under the sections of the strict Law on illegal activities (prevention).
“He is accused of making seditious speeches and inciting a particular section of the community to engage in illegal activities, to the detriment of the sovereignty and integrity of the nation,” says the charge sheet.
“In the garb of protesting against the Citizenship Amendment Act, he urged people in a particular community to block roads leading to major cities and resort to ‘Chakka Jam’, thereby disrupting normal life,” he said.
He further alleged that Iman openly defied the Constitution and called it a “fascist” document.
“On behalf of the opposition ‘CAA’, he also openly propagated the ‘chicken neck’ blockade that connects mainland India to the northeast. He also showed complete contempt and contempt for the democratic means of protest,” he said.
The court is likely to deal with the matter for the hearing on July 27.
Imam is being investigated for his alleged incendiary speech at Jamia Millia Islamia on December 13 and later on January 16 at Aligarh Muslim University, where he allegedly threatened to “cut” Assam and the rest of northeast India. He is currently housed in the Guwahati Central Prison.
Police had previously argued in court that after his speech on December 13, widespread fires and violence occurred in various parts of Delhi, and that several protest sites emerged after his speech on January 16.
He is currently housed in the Guwahati Prison and has been found to be a positive coronavirus.

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