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Ashok Gehlot government wants an assembly session on July 31, draws up new proposal for governor: Sources | India News


JAIPUR: Ashok Gehlot’s cabinet approved a revised proposal on Saturday to be sent to the governor, calling for a meeting of the assembly to be called on July 31, the sources said.
Governor Kalraj Mishra asked for clarification on six points of state government on Friday, after congressional MLAs held a five-hour dharna on Raj Bhawan lawns pressing for a Vidhan Sabha session.

The dharna was canceled, according to Congress, after Mishra said he will comply with the Constitution but will not act under any pressure.
The governor asked Gehlot to resubmit, with the clarifications, his recommendation to convene a session.
A statement from the governor included consultations on the free movement of the MLA and the reason why the session should be called urgently.
After an evening session, the cabinet met again at Gehlot’s house on Saturday, approving the new draft.
Gehlot was expected to meet with the governor and present the note to him, but the meeting was still to be held until late in the day.
The congressional government, which is facing a political crisis after a rebellion by now-deputy chief deputy minister Sachin Pilot and 18 other dissident MLA members, says it wants to hold the session to demonstrate its majority.
The governor asked the government on Friday why he wanted to call an assembly session to test his majority if he already has one.
In his note to the state government, Governor Mishra said that “no one is above constitutional dignity and that political pressure should not be used.”
He said no date had been mentioned in the cabinet note, attached to the government’s request.
The government had also given no reason to convene the session on such short notice or proposed an agenda for it, the governor said.

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