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NEW DELHI: Rajasthan’s high court on Friday accepted Sachin Pilot’s request to make the Center a party to the petition filed by the former deputy chief minister and 18 MLA of Congress against the disqualification notice sent to them by the speaker of the assembly .
The additional Attorney General (ASG) will represent the Center in court, according to spokesperson CP Joshi’s attorney.
A day earlier, the Supreme Court had refused to prevent the Rajasthan high court from approving the order after a statement by speaker CP Joshi against the high court leadership asking Joshi to postpone the disqualification proceedings until 24 July.
Shortly after the Supreme Court decision, Prime Minister Ashok Gehlot expressed confidence that he has the required ALM strength to prove a majority on the floor of the state assembly.
Here is a look at the main developments:
Rajasthan HC accepts Pilot’s request to make Center a party
The Rajasthan High Court on Friday allowed the request to be filed by the sacked Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot and 18 dissident MLA MPs seeking the implementation of the Union of India as part of the proceedings in the disqualification matter.
A bank of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Indrajit Mahanty and Judge Prakash Gupta allowed the request, which was submitted by the petitioners on Thursday.
The implementation request was filed on the grounds that the constitutional amendment is being challenged and therefore the Union of India is a necessary party now.
The additional Attorney General (ASG) will represent the Center in court, according to spokesperson CP Joshi’s attorney.
Assembly session ‘very soon’, says Gehlot
Rajasthan Prime Minister Ashok Gehlot said Thursday that his government will soon demonstrate its majority in the assembly, hours before meeting with the governor who he is said to have discussed convening a House session.
“The assembly session will take place soon. Most are with us, all MLAs in Congress are united, “Gehlot told reporters.
He hoped that some of the dissident MLAs, led by the fired Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot, would also attend the session when called “very soon.”
“Without them too, we have a full majority and we will go to the House on the basis of this majority, and we will prove it,” he said.
Approximately three hours after this media interaction, Gehlot met with Governor Kalraj Mishra at the Raj Bhawan. Congressional sources said the two discussed the possibility of convening a Vidhan Sabha session.
Supreme Court says Rajasthan high court may approve order on MLAs in rebel Congress
Rajasthan Assembly Speaker CP Joshi was unable to obtain relief from the Supreme Court in his allegation that the Rajasthan High Court is unable to intercept disqualification proceedings against 19 MLAs of the dissident Congress, including dismissed MP CM Sachin Pilot , which has been taken under the anti-desertion law. The court observed that “the voice of dissent” in a democracy cannot be closed.
On July 21, the HC asked him to defer the process until July 24, when he decides on the request of the rebel MLAs contesting the disqualification notices. However, the apex court added that the HC order would be subject to the outcome of the petition before it.
The MLA Dissident Congress wants the Center to respond to HC’s request
The dissenting MLAs on Thursday also filed a request with the HC to include the Union government in the list of respondents because the constitutional validity of the Tenth List was in question and, therefore, the Center was a necessary part now.
What if the higher court allows disqualification of the rebel ALMs?
The Ashok Gehlot government has close leadership in the 200-member assembly. If the HC allows the speaker to disqualify the rebels, the majority mark in the assembly will decrease, making it easier for Gehlot to win a vote of confidence. If the rebels vote against the Congressional government without being disqualified (challenging the whip will lead to disqualification later, but their vote will be counted), it can become a tough fight for Congress.
The dispute between Prime Minister Ashok Gehlot and his then-deputy Sachin Pilot came to light after Special Operations Groups issued warnings earlier this month to Gehlot and Pilot to record their statement regarding the alleged attempts to overthrow your government of Congress. Pilot was reportedly upset with his name appearing in the FIR and launched a riot by dismissing 18 MLA from the party.
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