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Rajasthan Political Crisis: How the Sachin Pilot Revolt Exposes Friction at BJP | India News


NEW DELHI: That the BJP is a divided house is best demonstrated in the highly fluid political crisis in Rajasthan. The events stemming from the rebellion of former Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot is a testament to the internal conflict within the BJP over him.
Initially it was thought that the Madhya Pradesh model would also be repeated in neighboring Rajasthan.
The then secretary-general of Congress, Jyitiraditya Scindia, resigned from the party and joined the BJP. With him came 22 MLAs, who owed loyalty to the BJP. This caused the fall of the 15-month Congress government led by Kamal Nath in March.
However, the same script was not to be repeated in Rajasthan.
Like Scindia, Sachin Pilot was also a young Turkish man from Congress and was considered close to former party president Rahul Gandhi.
Both faced isolation and alienation from their respective CM: Scindia of Nath while Pilot of Ashok Gehlot.
Both Scindia and Pilot attempted to solve their problem with the High Command. However, both were disappointed by the treatment that Rahul Gandhi and the president of the Congress, Sonia Gandhi, gave them. They didn’t even have time to voice their complaints.
Pushed to the wall and without option, the two rebelled against the leadership of Congress.
So far so good.
Scindia was fortunate to be welcomed by the BJP with open arms. He faced no resistance from the highest Madhya Pradesh BJP leader, Shivraj Singh Chouhan.
As a result, Scindia and her followers’ entry into the BJP fold was smooth and quick. This led to the downfall of the Nath government and the coming to power of the BJP government led by Chouhan.
However, the fate of Pilot, who was fired by Congress as both a CM deputy and state party chairman last week, and his supporters are still at stake.
The reason is the alleged opposition of Rajasthan CM Vasundhara Raje from the BJP to Pilot’s entry into the party and his tacit support for Gehlot.
Vasundhara is believed to enjoy the support of approximately 45 of the 72 BJP MLAs in the state. As a result, the BJP leadership cannot concretely shape any plan to induce Pilot and 18 MLA out of loyalty to him without receiving an assent from Raje.
Raje’s arrests are not without base, perhaps.
Pilot rebelled against the leadership of Congress demanding Gehlot’s replacement by him as CM. If the Gehlot government falls and he and his supporters join the BJP, it is unlikely to reduce his demand to put on the CM hat.
It is unlikely that you will accept the same CM deputy position. He was a CM deputy and most likely he cannot settle for anything less than the CM chair.
If this happens, Raje will naturally feel threatened.
This is the reason why Raje maintains a studied silence on the Pilot rebellion and it is seen that he transmits a message of indispensableness to the leadership of the BJP.
As a result, Pilot’s plan to join the BJP has been shelved.
This has also led to a war of words between Raje, Pilot, the BJP alliance partner, the Rashtriya Loktantrik Party (RLP) and Raje’s supporters.
Hanuman Beniwal
Hanuman Beniwal, an RLP Lok Sabha deputy from Nagaur, has bluntly alleged the collusion between Raje and Gehlot.
In a series of tweets, he has made serious allegations against Raje and Gehlot.
He said: “That CM Ashok Gehlot and former CM Vasundhara Raje have an understanding has come to light. Together, they both concealed the scams that took place in their regimes.”

He said Gehlot had filed bribery charges against Raje, linked to the mining sector. He accused Gehlot of not signing a single document to start an investigation, even within 14 months of his rule. So far, no agency has been aware of her allegations, she said.
In another tweet, Beniwal said: “Vasundhara has spoken to MLAs close to her and asked them to support Ashok Gehlot. Raje spoke to MLAs in Sikar and Nagaur districts and asked them to keep a distance from Sachin Pilot. I have solid evidence on this. ”

Pledging his support for Sachin Pilot, Beniwal alleged that Raje has been doing everything possible to save Gehlot’s “minority government”. “Raje has convened several MLAs in Congress in this regard,” he said.

Sachin pilot
Pilot himself has struck a salvo in Raje. He accused her of being favored by Gehlot in a quid pro quo way.
He said: “Raje had been assigned a government bungalow in Jaipur for life in 2017. The High Court (HC) had canceled this order from his government, but instead of leaving the bungalow unoccupied, the state government contested the order to HC in the Supreme Court. ”
Pilot also said: “We campaigned against your government’s mining scam and forced it to cancel all mining leases. But after coming to power, instead of taking action, Gehlot has also followed the same path. ”
Vasundhara Raje
Despite an avalanche of personal tirades against her, the former CM maintained a studied silence for a long time.
On July 18, he posted two tweets. However, she did not name anyone, as always. She is known for not launching personal attacks on anyone.
In the first tweet, he said: “It is regrettable that the people of Rajasthan are paying for discord within Congress. At a time when Covid-19 has claimed more than 50 lives and positive cases are close to 28,000, at a time when locusts are attacking farmers’ fields, at a time when crime against women is At its peak, at a time when there is an electricity problem across the state, and I only mention a few of the problems people face. There is no point in trying to drag the names of BJP leaders through the mud. It is the interest of our people that must remain paramount. ”

In the second tweet, she said: “Some people are continually trying to spread confusion without any facts about Rajasthan’s political developments. I have been serving people as a committed party worker for the past three decades and I agree with their ideology. ”

However, Raje also did not receive an overwhelming response from his supporters. Only two of her followers spoke to defend her.
In a joint statement, former speaker Kailash Meghwal and Pratap Singh Singhvi attacked Pilot, saying his comments betrayed his frustration.
They said: “Pilot has not yet been able to forget the pain of his mother’s defeat against Raje in the 2003 assembly election,” they said.
Pilot was accused of creating a conflict situation in Congress. Now, he is trying to find a way to get out of the impasse he is in, they said.
Meanwhile, the central leadership of the BJP has not attempted to override Raje. They are waiting and observing the events before making a final decision. However, in the midst of all this, the cracks in the BJP have been exposed.

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