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Donald Trump says the virus in the US will get worse before it gets better


WASHINGTON: President Donald Trump warned Tuesday that the “hideous nasty” coronavirus will worsen in the United States before it gets better, but he also tried to paint an optimistic picture of efforts with governors to conquer the disease that has claimed more than 140,000 Los Americans live in just five months.
He also professed a new respect for protective masks that he rarely wore. She pulled one out of her pocket in the White House meeting room, but didn’t put it on.
After a three-month hiatus from his daily virus briefings, Trump returned to the podium, staying on stage for himself without the public health experts who were staples of his previous events, but stayed close to written remarks. prepared by attendees.
In addition to declaring his support for the masks as a way to combat the pandemic, he warned youth against overcrowding bars and the spread of the disease.
It all signaled a delay in Trump’s recognition that the economic reopening he has been promoting since April, and more importantly, his re-election, was jeopardized by increasing cases across the country.
There was no guarantee how long Trump’s more measured tone would last, delivered, with a view to stopping an erosion of support in the campaign season.
Along the way Tuesday, the president still worked on coups in the media and Democrats for focusing on deficiencies in fighting disease in the US, as the rest of the world also struggles with the virus.
It also belatedly addressed bipartisan criticism of delays in virus testing that have hampered reopening plans.
“It will probably get worse before it gets better,” Trump said from the White House. But it also promoted a reduction in deaths and progress in vaccines and treatments for COVID-19, which he repeatedly referred to as the “China virus.”
He continued to recently encourage Americans to wear masks when social distancing is not possible.
“Whether you like the mask or not, they have an impact,” he said.
“I’m getting used to the mask,” he added, pulling out one after months of suggesting that wearing a mask was a political statement against him.
The fringes of the country are now battling rising infections and rising deaths, and some states again have to close businesses and rethink schools in the fall.
Many retailers themselves insist that their customers wear masks. For months, the nation’s top health experts have pleaded with Americans to wear masks in public and stay away from crowds, calling those simple steps to save lives, even as the president’s stance fueled a partisan social divide.
The afternoon show at the White House came as the next stage of the federal government’s response to the pandemic was brewing on Capitol Hill. Lawmakers and White House officials were initiating negotiations on a $ 4 trillion or more “phase four” rescue package.
For weeks, White House aides pressured Trump to become more disciplined in his public statements about the pandemic.
On Tuesday, he stayed away from what has been a favorite topic of conversation: that widespread testing for the virus in the United States “created” more cases, as attendees noted it was false and projected a lack of responsibility.
Just over three months after Election Day, Trump and his political team hoped that the spotlight on the podium would give him an edge against Democratic rival Joe Biden.
“Vaccines are coming, and will come much sooner than anyone thought possible,” Trump promised again.
As early as next week, the first possible vaccine in the US will begin testing at the final stage in a study of 30,000 people to see if it really is safe and effective.
Some other vaccines have started smaller, late-stage studies in other countries, and in the US A series of large studies is planned to start each month through the fall in hopes of eventually having multiple vaccines to use. Already, people can start volunteering for the different studies.
Health authorities warn that there is no guarantee: It is not unusual for vaccines to fail during this critical testing step. But vaccine manufacturers and health officials hope that at least one vaccine can work by the end of the year.
Companies are already taking the unusual step of preparing hundreds of millions of doses so that mass vaccines can begin if the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) closes the session.
Trump also acknowledged the bipartisan criticism of delays in processing test results.
“We will be able to bring those numbers down,” Trump said, saying his administration was working to improve the availability of point-of-care rapid tests such as those used to protect him at the White House.
Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s leading infectious disease expert, told NPR on Tuesday that he was pleased that Trump had started promoting the use of masks and expressed optimism that the president would reinforce that message on Tuesday.
“If we, during those conferences, go out and have consistent, clear and non-contradictory messages, I think it will be very useful for people to get to know the direction we must take to control this pandemic.” he said.
Biden, for his part on Tuesday, launched a scathing criticism of Trump when he described the last bulletin of his economic recovery plan, accusing Trump of “failing his most important test as a US president: the duty to care for you, for everyone U.S”. . ”
“He gave up on you, gave up on this country,” Biden said.
Earlier Tuesday, Trump turned to Twitter to state that “compared to most other countries, which are suffering greatly, we are doing very well, and we have done things that few countries could have done!”
In fact, the US leads the world in confirmed cases and deaths from the virus, and is also near the top in per capita terms.
On Capitol Hill, some Republicans have broken with the White House in search of additional federal funds for testing and contact tracing in the upcoming aid bill.
Democratic leader Chuck Schumer at a press conference encouraged White House attendees to “keep Trump off the podium.” “It is a threat to public health.”
Trump’s daily shifts in the White House briefing room largely ended in late April after the President widely mocked that injecting toxic disinfectant could help treat the coronavirus.
The comment sparked widespread medical warnings against the life-threatening movement.
Dismissing the briefings was well received by attendees who believed they were reducing the president’s poll numbers, particularly with older voters.
However, with its trademark protests largely on hold due to the coronavirus, the view in Trump’s circle is that it needs an alternative means of reaching voters.
And Trump missed the days when he would dominate cable TV ratings with his afternoon briefings.
Tellingly, when he announced Monday that appearances could return, he did so with an eye on his schedule and bragging about the ratings.

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