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Delhi: Energetic mother fights kidnappers, saves her four-year-old daughter | Delhi News


NEW DELHI: A woman resolutely resisted two men on motorcycles who attempted to kidnap their four-year-old son in Shakarpur area of East Delhi, forcing them to flee without their bicycle.
The entire incident, on Tuesday, was captured by a CCTV camera in which the two kidnappers in helmets are seen trying to grab the boy. However, the mother pounced on the bike like a lioness, causing them to panic and lose their balance. While the woman was snatching the boy, one of the men escaped on foot while the other attempted to flee on the bicycle.

Hearing the woman’s screams, area residents gathered at the scene, and an alert man among them blocked the path of the cyclists with a two-wheeled vehicle. After a brief fight, the criminals managed to flee, leaving their vehicle behind.
Police unearthed the conspiracy and arrested two people, including the mastermind of the crime.
“The bike had a fake license plate number, but we were able to track its owner, through the chassis number. The owner of the bike Dheeraj was arrested and, upon questioning, revealed that the boy’s uncle, identified as Upender, was the mastermind of the kidnapping offer. ” DCP, East, said Jasmeet Singh.
A police team then raided Upender’s home, 27, in Krishna Nagar and they arrested him
“Upender tried to kidnap the boy by ransom along with his hired men. He is not on any permanent job and was planning to kidnap his brother’s son to demand a ransom of Rs 30 to 35 lakh,” the officer said.
The hired kidnappers surveyed the area and tried to kidnap the boy on Tuesday after asking the mother for some water.
Police said the two cyclists are running away and teams have been formed to catch them.

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