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Donald Trump’s anti-immigration movement | HT Editorial – Editorials


With the President of the United States (USA), Donald Trump, suspending the new H-1B and L-1 visas for temporary workers until December, the main immigration route from India to the US. USA It is closed, hopefully temporarily. More than half of these visas are for Indians. The orders do not affect the underlying visa legislation. But their action is a reminder that immigration is a sovereign problem, visas will inevitably be caught up in anti-globalization fervor, and highly-skilled immigrants are no longer immune to political coups. Trump’s motivations are obvious. Their poll numbers are falling. He has raged against illegal migration since he was elected, and, with unemployment at a record level, has also targeted legal migration.

The economic costs to India will be limited, but the actual damage is the question mark it raises about the history of Indian-American immigration. About half of Indian immigration to the United States is linked to skill-based work visas. The Indian-American citizen is a recent phenomenon; their numbers passed the million mark in 2015. They have emerged as model immigrants. India has also benefited from its success. American Indians are among the largest sources of remittances. And they have emerged as advocates of stronger ties between India and the United States. That is why New Delhi needs to be more active in institutionalizing the immigrant relationship, for example, including an H visa quota in a future trade agreement, rather than leaving it to the whims of Donald Trump.

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