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Mumbai: parts of Borivli, Kandivli may see total closure | Mumbai News


MUMBAI: The increase in Covid-19 infections is prompting authorities to impose a total blockade on parts of the city.
In northern Mumbai, the police have already imposed a complete closure in parts of Malad East. They have proposed to BMC to now close parts of Borivli, Dahisar and Kandivli. In addition to this, in the BMC Room S, which comprises areas such as Kanjurmarg, the civic corps has decided to impose a localized blockade in some areas. This means that stores that sell non-essential items will also be asked to remain closed.
“For about 8 days we had a total closure in Appapada and Kokanipada in Malad as the infection rate was high. It is expected to spread for another week,” said regional complement CP Dilip Sawant.
BMC has blocked some parts of Malwani like MHB Colony, Rathodi, Shivaji Nagar etc. until June 20. Police have proposed a similar total blockade in Kajupada in Borivli East, Ketkipada in Dahisar East, and Poisar in Kandivli.
On Friday, Joint Commissioner Vinoy Choubey along with other IPS officials jointly conducted a review with the BMC on measures to control the duplication rate in North Mumbai.

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