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India China Border News: Another round of general talks between India and China today after the release of 10 Indian soldiers | India News


New Delhi: Ten Indian soldiers, including four officers, held captive by the People’s Liberation Army since the bloody June 15 skirmish between rival troops in the Galwan Valley in eastern Ladakh were finally released on Thursday night .
The 10 soldiers, including two major and two captains, were released after three days of hectic negotiations between Leh-based infantry division 3 commander Major General Abhijit Bapat and his PLA counterpart near the “patrol point 14 (PP-14) “in Galwan Valley Region.
“The soldiers, who were not mistreated, approached us. They found that it was fine after a medical examination, now they are being informed, “said a source.

The 10 soldiers were held captive during the protracted bloody skirmish that erupted after numerically superior EPL soldiers, armed with iron bars and studded stones, attacked a team led by Colonel B Santosh near PP-14 on 15 of June. Col Babu, the commander of 16 Bihar and 19 other Jawans were killed in the clash, while 76 others were wounded.
TOI had received an editorial call not to report on the 10 captive Indian soldiers of the PLA before they returned safely to their unit. With the release of the Indian soldiers on Thursday night, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian in Beijing said on Friday that “China has not captured any Indian personnel.”

The last time the PLA had captured Indian soldiers was during the 1962 war. Last Monday’s skirmish was also the first time in 45 years that India suffered fatal casualties along the Current Line of Control with China.
The brutal confrontation erupted when EPL soldiers, who, after backtracking somewhat in line with the phasing out plan finalized by rival commanders, again erected a “temporary post” in the form of tents near PP-14.
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Colonel Babu and two other soldiers died at the scene after being attacked by PLA soldiers, while the other 17 Jawans later succumbed to their injuries. Eighteen more seriously wounded soldiers are currently admitted to the Leh military hospital, while 58 suffered minor injuries in the confrontation.
China has been silent on the number of its own victims. But radio intercepts and other intelligence indicate that there were 43 “casualties” in the PLA ranks, which included both the dead and the seriously injured. Two PLA officers are said to be among the dead in the Chinese ranks, as previously reported.
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