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Galwan Valley, ours, we don’t want more confrontations: China | India News


NEW DELHI: Beijing He reiterated Wednesday that the Galwan Valley belonged to China even when the Chinese Foreign Ministry, while again blaming India for the June 15 violence in LAC, said it did not want to see more border clashes with India.
“For us, obviously, we don’t want to see any more fighting,” spokesman Zhao Lijian said when asked if there could be more violence in LAC. He quoted a PLA statement Tuesday as saying that China “has sovereignty over the Galwan Valley region.” A mixture of assertive and refreshing signals seemed to mark the Chinese statements two days after the bloody crash.
On Thursday, the second round of larger general talks is taking place between India and China to resolve problems related to the violent clash on June 15 in Galwan, according to Army sources.
The talks held on Wednesday between the top generals of India and China in the Galwan Valley were inconclusive, which did not result in an immediate disconnect or change on the ground.
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This is significant because the border in the Galwan Valley was said to have been established, without intrusions and claims until recently. According to Indian officials, this is possibly the first time in decades that China has openly claimed ownership of the area. “The facts are clear, as are the rights and the mistakes. It happened (shock) on the Chinese side of LAC. The responsibility is not in China, ”the spokesperson said when he recalled that LAC in the Galwan Valley had been resolved.
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The spokesman was also evasive when asked about reports of victims on the Chinese side. “I think they have also noted that since the incident occurred, both sides have affirmed their commitment to resolve disputes through dialogue and maintaining peace and tranquility in border areas,” he said.
Like the two largest developing countries and emerging markets, China and India have much more common interests than differences. Both sides must faithfully follow the important consensus reached between the two leaders to ensure that China-India relations move forward on the right track. We hope that the Indian side will work with us and meet the Chinese side halfway, “added Zhao. Significantly, the state print media appeared to have largely ignored the border clash.
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