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Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide: Pavitra Rishta co-star Prarthana Behere reveals Ankita Lokhande is crying heartily, urges people to stop judging Mahesh Shetty and her


Actress Prarthana Behere, who shared screen space with Sushant Singh Rajput in her debut, Pavitra Rishta, was thrilled to remember the late actor. The actress in an exclusive conversation with ETimes TV recalled all the beautiful memories she had with him on the set of the show and said that she had lost her brother. Prarthana also revealed that she spoke to Ankita Lokhande after learning of Sushant’s death and that the Manikarnika actress has been crying. The popular marathi actress urges everyone to stop judging Ankita and Mahesh Shetty, as the loss is personal.

“Sushant was very close to me, he considered me his younger sister because I played Ankita Lokhande’s sister in Pavitra Rishta. We shared everything while working together. When I left the program after a year and a half of my trip in Pavitra Rishta, he He also quit after 3-4 months. In fact, we put our movies together. He got his Hindi movie Kai Po Che and I got this Marathi movie. Our movies were also released in the same month that mine premiered on February 14, 2013 and its premiere on February 22. So, our travels in the film industry were very similar. I remember I had invited him to the screening of my movie and had held a special screening of his movie for some close friends and I was there too. I have seen his growth as an actor, “said Prarthana.

The actress still cannot accept the fact that Sushant is not with them. He said he was surprised when he found out about the incident: “I was receiving calls from live Marathi news channels since I am now a Marathi film actress and have worked with Sushant in the past. Due to Sunday, my whole family was there together” . and suddenly I got a call from a news channel. The journalist told me that Sushant had committed suicide and that they wanted an interview. I was stunned at the time and didn’t know how to react. It was like it wasn’t in my senses what Sushant are you talking about. I have been a journalist and now I am an actress, so I understand both parts. Now, I’m on this side, I can fully understand what the families of the deceased are going through. We feel that the actors live a beautiful life, a glamorous life, but it is not reality. At the end of the day we are human. The messages began to flash in our group Pavitra Rishta Whatsapp and I saw it very late. It took me time to find out what was going on. So, I called Ankita and she was crying and I had no idea Hom should call now. Then I called Mahesh Shetty, he was crying too and I was going to see him. I asked him if even I should come because he was our yaar friend. It doesn’t matter that we haven’t been in contact for the past 5 years, but we’ve had such an enjoyable time together. I treated him like my older brother, “he said.

Social media is flooded with comments about Sushant’s ex-girlfriend Ankita Lokhande, who did not comment on his death and her friend Mahesh Shetty did not answer her last call. Prarthana, who shares a close bond with the two actors, asks everyone to stop judging them and let them suffer. “I can say this about Ankita, she is devastated and crying like hell, but you have to understand that everyone has moved in her life. News sunne ke baad woh wahin atki paddi hai … But now she has someone in her life and she He has to respect that relationship too. He wanted to go, but everyone knows that he is very emotional and sensitive. He is crying and how. When I published in the group Pavitra Rishta, we are going to see Sushant for the last time, so they let us know that only 20 people they can attend the funeral. ”

She added, “Now when I’m watching him on TV, I feel like going to see him one last time. But I know that only some people are allowed. I’ve spent so much time with him and Ankita that I understand him and know his roots. I have I want to go and meet him, but then I stop thinking that people will come back to judge why he is here after so many years? Why Ankita Lokhande is not here? Today, you don’t know what you will do to be judged. People are Judging Mahesh Shetty that it all happened because he didn’t pick up his phone. People talk so much about Ankita. They don’t even know that Mahesh Shetty was the only friend he has kept in touch with. All these years. They are blaming him. ”

Prarthana, who was very close to Sushant while working at Pavitra Rishta, lost contact with him after moving to Bollywood. “We have not been in contact with each other for the last 4/5 years after Ankita and they separated. I felt very uncomfortable and I kept a distance at that time, since I do not want to enter their personal space. I am also a born back in january so i know how it feels sushant was so i needed his space i had told him i fully understand your mindset so i gave him that space but i told him whenever you need me i am always there then he started to do so well in Bollywood and his friend’s circle changed and his lifestyle changed. He started working on great movies and we lost touch. But yeah, it’s heartbreaking. It was an inspiration to me, I wanted to be like him, I He taught a lot. We started our careers together. I would always appreciate my work. He was so positive in life. ” she said.

The actress says she had always told herself that she will meet Sushant only when she has accomplished something in life, but Sushant took that opportunity for her: “We have a screening room for my husband. So when we were getting married, my husband wondered why he wasn’t inviting Sushant for the wedding and said I didn’t want to meet him like that. We had big dreams when we started and I’ll invite him only when he thinks I’ve accomplished something or something great in life. Then when we did this projection cinema, many great Hindi films were shown and many popular Bollywood actors came in. So, I told my husband jis din Sushant yahan aayega that I would personally go to meet him and tell him this is my theater. I have accomplished something, but he did not give me that opportunity. He has left us all, “Prarthana said.

He also added: “In addition, there is this constant pressure from social networks. When you meet someone so closely and if something like this happens and you do not publish about that person, you are judged. Why did you not publish? All right? If you react as you want , again you are judged why you are reacting so noisy. So, there is so much pressure. I always stayed away from Sushant because I never wanted him to think that I am trying to be a wannabe and now, because he is a star, I am trying to be his friend or I’m trying to smear it. So I gave it that space and thought I’d connect to it when it’s also something. ”

Recalling the days of Pavitra Rishta, the actress said: “When we were working on Pavitra Rishta, we traveled together in cars. We stayed at each other’s house when we arrived late after filming. I stayed at Sushant or Ankita’s house most of the time of time. time or they would stay at my house. We were riding rickshaws in the rainy season. Then when he bought his first car, a Skoda, he took us all on a long journey. Then, when he bought Jaguar and Range Rover, he took me alone for a long trip and told me to come, I want to show you the car. I remember bothering Ankita, I’m going to take a long trip with him. He had told Sushant that you are so lucky that you have achieved all your dreams and He didn’t tell me I have a lot to accomplish, this is just a start. ”

Prarthana also shared that Sushant was extremely close to his mother and that he often spoke of her: “Every time he was with us, he spoke of his mother. He was the youngest after four sisters, making him the most pampered and close his mother. ” “He couldn’t bear his death because it was so sudden. He spoke to him at night and in the morning, he found out that he was gone,” he said.

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